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Book of Secrets Wednesday

9 Jan 2008 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on Book of Secrets Wednesday

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Summarized Journal:
– Morning routine, work routine
– Initially wanted to go to site today
– Did not go to site yet since there is something I need to do first
– Ended up not going to the site today since got new thingie to do later
– Lunch with Ah Fai and How Li in a new location
– The food there so-so only, probably not going back there
– Work routine, fast forward to home, bath, pick up Darling, dinner
– Watched hong kong drama 冲上云霄 until 8:20pm
– Then we proceed to leave for 1 Utama, we got a movie to catch at 9:20pm
– Bought x2 GSC movie tickets of National Treasure – Book of Secrets yesterday
– 2 Aunt called up and talked about wanting to visit the site the next day or something
– Darling being a curious cat, asked and asked until she threw a fit
– Long story short, the following hour is ideal to practice the 90/10 Principle
– I kinda semi-botched-but-not-entirely-fudged-up it with my not so friendly words
– Totally very hard to manage since she was like totally extremely marvelously offensive
– Right down to the very bone, I believe egoistic men would have definitely slapped her
– Anyway, I continued to keep my cool and calm, finally managed a save before movie starts
– So we enjoyed the movie, quite action packed and certainly very entertaining
– Definitely worth watching this movie in the big screens, I say
– Fast forward to home, pre bed time routines, bed time, Zzzzzzzzz……………

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