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Zombie Shooter 2 – Download

6 May 2012 | Action, PC, RPG |  2 comments
Zombie Shooter 2 Zombie Shooter 2 – Overview
Title: Zombie Shooter 2
Genre: Action, RPG
Developer: Sigma Team Inc.
Publisher: Sigma Team Inc.
Release Date: 19 Nov 2009
Metascore: N/A

Buy and download Zombie Shooter 2 from Steam Store!

Zombie Shooter 2 – Title Menu!
Zombie Shooter 2
This time you will be able to set the resolution higher. Only wide screen resolutions though.

Zombie Shooter 2 – Perk?
Zombie Shooter 2
You get to choose one out of eight perks when you choose your character. Pick wisely!

Zombie Shooter 2 – Characters!
Zombie Shooter 2
Choose from the pool of male and female characters, tweak the stats and you are good to go!

Zombie Shooter 2 – Story?
Zombie Shooter 2
There seems to be some kind of story in that wall of text. Read on if you are interested.

Zombie Shooter 2 – Controls!
Zombie Shooter 2
This time there is a controls screen showing you the controls before the game starts. Nice!

Zombie Shooter 2 – Start?
Zombie Shooter 2
Start off the game with a pistol that has unlimited ammo and a torch light that shines forever in the darkness! No extra batteries required! Convenient, yes?

Zombie Shooter 2 – Inventory!
Zombie Shooter 2
Kill zombies to level up and visit the inventory and stats menu to allocate the points!

Zombie Shooter 2 – Action!
Zombie Shooter 2
The sequel feels more dark and gritty whereas the original seems more colorful.


  1. 7th May 2012 
    5:09 pm         

    Christian Angeles
    said the following:

    I Have This Game Already and This Game Rocks Because You Can Ride Vehicles And Operate A Turret!

    (First Comment! 🙂

    I’m Still at Mission 6 Though…..

  2. 13th June 2013 
    3:40 am         

    said the following:

    very good