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Holiday Sim – Download

30 Jul 2010 | Adventure, Flash |  5 comments
Holiday Sim Holiday Sim – Flash Games Download – Overview
In this Holiday Sim adventure simulation flash game, you play the role of a person who is going to a beach holiday trip. Upon reaching the beach hotel and checking in, you can get a tan at the beach, go swimming, fishing, building sand castles, visiting the town and more. Ready for a holiday?

Download Holiday Sim (File Size ~ 1.99 MB)
Download the ZIP archive:
holiday-sim.zip (MegaUpload)
holiday-sim.zip (MediaFire)
holiday-sim.zip (FileFront)

1. Please download from MegaUpload to help Deimos earn Reward Points!
2. Please do contact Deimos if there is an updated version of this game.

Holiday Sim – Title Menu
Holiday Sim
A very simple looking title menu. Click “Start Vacationing” to star the simulation already!

Holiday Sim – Beach!
Holiday Sim
You can get a tan here but careful not to over cook yourself and end up in the hospital.

Holiday Sim – Shark!
Holiday Sim
You will not die if the shark gets you. You will simply recover and exit from the hospital.

Deimos’s Thoughts
Simple, pixelated, retro styled 8 bit graphics. Simple controls and game play. A short, funny simulation about a beach holiday. A funny, simple little simulation game.

Deimos Asks
Which beach resorts have you been to? Which ones are your favorites? Why?


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  1. 3rd August 2010 
    2:35 pm         

    Reverse look phone
    said the following:

    Not the best graphics. I like the whole shark part though.

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  3. 4th August 2010 
    2:59 pm         

    golf guide
    said the following:

    it’s great game! forget the graphics.

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  5. 5th August 2010 
    3:00 am         

    whole tips and tricks
    said the following:

    Looks like lego to me 😀 hahah

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  7. 5th August 2010 
    4:37 pm         

    minting money online
    said the following:

    I like the old school graphics 🙂

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  9. 6th August 2010 
    8:48 pm         

    dating secrets for u
    said the following:

    I really don’t find this game fun because of it’s poor graphics.