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Site Visit Wednesday

28 Nov 2007 | Diary, Personal |  2 comments

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Summarized Journal
– Woke up around 6:10am, Check blog
– Played some Newgrounds.com flash games
– Pass Morning Motion, Breakfast
– Petrol RM 94.10 – 559.8 km traveled – RM 0.17 per km ???
– Exit Rawang Toll RM 3.60
– Turned right instead of left, went into Rawang Mutiara instead
– Realizing I went the wrong way, I traveled back to the way I came
– Found site and show unit (Apartmen Impian)
– Checked out the site
– Took many screenies
– Drop by the sales office
– Recorded a 7 minute video of the show unit
– Captured more screenies of the show unit
– Lunch with Uncle Ah Wa
– Return back to Kuala Lumpur
– Exit Duta Toll – RM 3.60
– Reloaded Touch ‘n’ Go card – RM 100.00
– Out of drinking water, felt like wanna pee
– Go home to refill + pee
– At front gate, Mum informed that Darling is coming back
– She wanted to pick up something
– I went to pick her up
– Finally back, pee-ed
– Mum filled up my water bottles
– Darling ready to go back to office
– I went upstairs to pick up data cable, thumb drives, sd card reader
– Sent Darling back to her office
– Drove to my office
– Briefed Dad
– Transfer photos to PC
– Check blog
– Register myself at incgamers.com forums
– Wanted to reply to a certain post
– Blog, type, time flies pretty fast
– Suddenly Dad said it is time to go back home
– Almost home, Darling called, picked her up
– Called up Mum to get the entrance gate opened up for us
– Our automatic front gate decided to be a mofo and refuse to budge
– Back home, Darling bitched about how the gate suxxxor
– Had a talk with Dad about the gate
– Concluded that most gate installers are morons
– The sky looked like as if it was going to rain
– It did rain eventually
– Thank goodness it did rain as Darling wanted to go out
– Had dinner together with Dad
– Went upstairs, Darling started to bitch about car pooling gone bad
– Long story short, her short fuse lighted up again
– I remembered the 90/10 principle
– To sum it up, I played it out cool
– It was an happy ending after all
– We ended up listening to me Dad talk about his stories
– Dad appeared very happy while he shared his stories with us
– Though I have listened some of his stories before
– I listened again anyway as Dad is very happy to share them
– I am happy to see that Dad is happy
– Finally at 11pm Dad finished
– Darling went to take her bath
– I played a few minutes of Enemy Territory : Quake Wars
– Stopped playing as Darling ordered me to stop playing
– A while later Darling called up Meng Sing
– Then she started to rant to Meng Sing
– Rant rant rant
– So typical of women
– I got no time to rant
– Not enough time, always not enough time
– Not enough time to game
– Not enough time to blog
– Time flies, aye
– Still ranting
– Zzz


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  1. 29th November 2007 
    11:43 pm         

    said the following:

    Lol, seems like you are addicted to play games, aren’t you? 😆

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  3. 29th November 2007 
    11:55 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:


    Arrrr. I would not say “addicted”, not exactly a nice choice of words. 😛

    The word “possess extreme interest in PC Gaming” would be more suitable. ğŸ˜Ž

    Anyway, before Darling moved in, my PC Gaming sessions are much longer. After she moved in, my PC Gaming sessions reduced drastically.

    Before, I was able to join several of my local online gaming mates for several hours of Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War sessions. After, I can only play Guild Wars by my own. 😈

    I have gotten used to this change though, can say that I am pretty much domesticated. 😀

    Cheers! 🙂