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Senseless Evening Bickering New Year Day Tuesday

1 Jan 2008 | Diary, Personal |  3 comments

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Summarized Journal:
– Morning routine, walk doggies, work on site, pamper myself with games
– Time flies by the time I completed the above mentioned
– It is already 12:00pm, I entered the room to babysit Darling
– Around 12:30pm we went downstairs to have lunch
– Retreated into our room after lunch
– Continued to watch Hong Kong Drama “Jian Zhu You Qing Tian” 建筑有情天
– I played around with Darling’s PC in the room, watched a bit too
– Fang Zhong Xin 方中信 is the main actor for this new Hong Kong drama series
– About 2:40pm we went out, Darling going to gym with Siew Ching at 3pm
– I brought along my notebook so I can surf the cyber waters at the Coffee Bean there
– Unable to locate her sports shoes, Darling wanted to borrow Sis’s
– Darling a bit pissed when Sis was kinda reluctant to lend her shoes to Darling
– Sis wanted to eat McDonalds, so she tagged along
– We dropped off Darling at Finest First at Jaya 33
– Then we proceed to the McDonalds directly opposite it
– The fellow counter mofo serving us was very rude and bad mannered
– Sis disallowed me to say “Thank You” or “Terima Kasih”
– Though it is my habit to express my thanks regardless of how bad I was treated
– We talked and ate, it was already 4pm when we finished
– She wanted to go back to her place to pack some clothes first
– Also to pass some motion if possible, so we left McDonalds
– Darling called up while we reached the Sin Chew Jit Poh 星洲日報 roundabout
– So we turned back to pick her up and drove back to Sis’s place
– Sis went up, packed her clothes (she is coming over for bath and dinner)
– Then off to home we go, it was almost 5pm when we got back
– Supposed to be a nice evening with Darling and Sis, but I believe I botched it
– So how did I botch it? Apparently by going to bath later instead of earlier
– Apparently, I “promised” Darling that I would go to bath at 5:30pm
– However, I went to bath at 7:00pm instead
– This seems to drive Darling into a totally berserk, frenzied form
– Sis is certainly not amused though
– I have seen it happen way too many times, gotten used to it already
– Slice the story short, she calmed down after we went to buy DVD at SS2
– We talked, and finally I realized the true reason behind these recent madness
– She is unhappy with the cold hard fact that recently
– I am spending more time in front of the PC outside than being in the room with her
– So she suggests that I spend my time in the room with her PC
– Back home, evening routine, I spent my time inside the room
– We interacted, she appears more contented, calm, happy now
– I am glad to see that she is not longer unhappy and furious
– Loaded up the new DVD – Enchanted that we bought earlier
– Totally a cinema recorded copy, not the first time this happened
– This is the last time that I am going to buy a DVD from those mofos
– We fired up Bewitched instead, Nicole Kidman is hot and sexy!
– Bedtime at 11:30pm, so Zzzzzzzzzzzzz……………………


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  1. 2nd January 2008 
    11:24 am         

    yung .
    said the following:

    LOL! Your sis is really strict la, summore disallow you to say thank you.. -.-

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  3. 2nd January 2008 
    11:27 am         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    @yung . :
    Not my sis la but my Darling’s younger Sis. 😳
    Both ladies are very strict. 😮

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  5. 5th September 2008 
    7:36 am         

    Designer Heels
    said the following:

    There is always so much information here in your blog, thank you!