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Psychout – Download

13 Jun 2012 | Flash, Puzzle |  Comments Off on Psychout – Download
Psychout Psychout – Flash Games Download – Overview
In this psychout puzzle platforming flash game you play the role of someone who appears to be some kind of patient from some kind of mental asylum for madmen attempting to collect keys in order to exit to the next level. Each level is kinda like a tribute to other puzzle platforming games.

Download Psychout (File Size ~ 3.51 MB)
Download the ZIP archive psychout.zip from :
[ Hotfile.com | BADONGO | NowDownload | GameFront ]

Please contact Deimos if one of the links is broken or there is an updated version.

Psychout – Title Menu!
How come the guy over there looks like some patient from some mental institute?

Psychout – Levels?
There are about thirty levels in this puzzle platformer. Quite standard for a flash game.

Psychout – Controls!
Standard WASD or arrow keys to move around. Spacebar can also be used for jumping.

Psychout – Walls?
You can walk up walls in this level. Spiderman wannabe perhaps?

Psychout – Flip?
In this level you can flip gravity by jumping into the air. You will stick up to the ceiling!

Psychout – Invisible?
Spikes are deadly and the pit is too wide but thank goodness for invisible platforms!

Psychout – Doors?
So many doors in this level! Try running back and forth into them to see what happens!

Psychout – Pipes?
Pipes? Certainly these pipes must be a tribute to the classic Super Mario games.

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