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Poker Stars

19 Feb 2011 | Miscellaneous |  Comments Off on Poker Stars
Poker Stars Poker Stars – Overview
If you like to play poker online for free or with real cash, you might wanna try out PokerStars as there are a lot more poker tournaments and games when compared against other websites. Constant support, secured cash-ins, quick withdrawals and a good poker software makes this a winner.

Poker Stars – Homepage
Poker Stars
At the main page of the PokerStars homepage, it is stated that there are more than one hundred thousand players online, playing poker at PokerStars and more than four thousand tournaments going on. This is quite a lot of active players.

Seeing that there are quite a number of players playing poker at PokerStars, it is safe to assume that this is a good place to play poker online.

Poker Stars – Game Lobby
Poker Stars
In order to play poker at PokerStars you need to download and install their poker software first before you can play. Unfortunately, you cannot play poker using the web browser. Perhaps playing poker using their own propriety poker software is much more secure and stable when compared against player poker in a web browser as sometimes the web browser may crash and there may be disputes cases especially when real monies is involved.

Poker Stars – Table
Poker Stars
The cards do look bit simple though. Just a big number unlike read poke cards. Perhaps there is an option to change that, or then again perhaps not as Deimos did not download the poker software to find out. Maybe having a lite, non graphic heavy software will enable the software to be much more easier to manage, update etc.

Deimos’s Thoughts
Deimos enjoys playing poker, however Deimos would not play poker online with real monies and even if he would play poker using real monies it would be offline and the amount would not be very larger as Deimos is not rich.

Deimos Asks
Would you use real monies to play poker online? Yes? No? Why?

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