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On the Run – Download

9 Apr 2013 | Flash, Puzzle |  Comments Off on On the Run – Download
On the Run On the Run – Flash Games Download – Overview
Somehow, somewhere out there, in some fictional flash game universe there exist a prison in which the prisoner is able to escape if he got the simple multiplication quiz on the cell door lock correct in this On the Run puzzle flash game. Jail break, kill or avoid rats and spiders, do some math, escape?

Download On the Run (File Size ~ 4.14 MB)
Download the ZIP archive on-the-run.zip from :
[ Hotfile.com | NowDownload | Dropbox ]

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On the Run – Title Menu!
On the Run
Nothing else here. Jut the prisoner and the name of this game. Press any key to begin!

On the Run – Mario? 
On the Run
You can kill stuff in this game by jumping and landing on top of them. Just like Mario.

On the Run – Maths! 
On the Run
What is eight multiplied by five? Forty! Now type in those digits and press enter to proceed!

On the Run – Spiders! 
On the Run
There are no health bars so touching anything nasty and you will be dead. Avoid contact!

On the Run – Game Over! 
On the Run
Nothing special to see here. Just a blank screen saying that the game is over. Try again?

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