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How does Site Hoppin Beer Stocks drive traffic to your site?

3 May 2008 | The Blogsphere |  3 comments

This article will attempt to explain how Site Hoppin’s Beer Stocks will drive traffic to your site. This article is specially dedicated to Michael Aulia and zaki blogjer.

Site Hoppin has lots of Site Hoppin Users or Site Hoppers
As of now, Site Hoppin’s user stats is [Who’s Online Now: Guests: 2912 Registered: 92] so it is safe to say that there are quite a lot of users using Site Hoppin at any given time.

Site Hoppers uses Site Hoppin to browse sites in the Site Hoppin Database
So, the sites within the Site Hoppin Database are browsed by many Site Hoppers.

Bought Beer Stock Pages will be browsed by Site Hoppers
Though the process of hoppin from one site to the other is mostly random, Beer Stocks Pages are rigged so they receive 30% of the traffic that Site Hoppin gets.

This means that if 100,000 sites are browsed by Site Hoppers today, 30,000 sites would be Beer Stock Pages. Owners of Beer Stocks can embed any URL to their Beer Stock Pages, thus receiving the traffic via the Beer Stocks system of Site Hoppin.

Quality of Traffic that Site Hoppin delivers
You may be concerned or worried that Site Hoppin brings crap traffic, this is not true for the statistical data of Google Analytics on Deimos’s site / blog shows otherwise. This will be reported in an upcoming stats report regarding Site Hoppin. Stay tuned.

Site Hoppin has auto surf / browse feature! Quality Traffic? My Rear End!
This is an issue that Deimos highlighted to Max – owner, founder of Site Hoppin and he mentioned that the solution is to remove the incentive to use the auto surf / browse function. The following blog post of Site Hoppin Blog shows that Max finally did it.


Why Site Hoppers use Site Hoppin to browse sites?
This is because they receive incentive for doing so. Beer Credits can be earned while using Site Hoppin and those Beer Credits can be used to divert traffic back to your own site.

So even if you do not spend money to buy Beer Stocks, you can still use Site Hoppin to your advantage. You just need to spend some time using Site Hoppin.

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Deimos’s Daily Reads
It is Gundam week on Anime Lover Kenny‘s domain! Gundam lovers rejoice!

Deimos’s Thoughts
Deimos hopes that this article would finally serve its purpose.

Deimos Asks
Do you understand how Beer Stocks drives traffic now?


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  1. 5th May 2008 
    10:01 am         

    Michael Aulia
    said the following:

    Ah.. thanks for the explanation ❗

    Totally understand it now lol and I do receive 10-15 hits a day because I won 2 beer stocks 😛

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  3. 5th May 2008 
    10:08 am         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    @Michael Aulia:
    Ah! Finally! Really understand right? Don’t bluff me ya! 😆
    Won 2 Beer Stocks? Wow! Where did you win it from? 😮

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  5. 29th November 2008 
    11:08 pm         

    Gerald Weber
    said the following:

    I have never heard of site hoppin beer stocks.