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Folds – Origami Game – Download

8 Feb 2013 | Flash, Puzzle |  0 comments
Folds - Origami Game Folds – Origami Game – Flash Games Download – Overview
Unleash your origami paper folding skills in this Folds – Origami Game puzzle flash game in which you must fold pieces of paper within the specific number of folds in order to clear the level and proceed to the next level until you have finished all the levels in this Folds – Origami Game puzzle game.

Download Folds – Origami Game (File Size ~ 2.51 MB)
Download the ZIP archive folds-origami-game.zip from :
[ Hotfile.com | NowDownload | Dropbox ]

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Folds – Origami Game – Title Menu!
Folds - Origami Game
From the above it feels like the title menu was drawn on some old piece of brown paper!

Folds – Origami Game – Level! 
Folds - Origami Game
Not sure how many levels are there at first glance as there was no numbers indication.

Folds – Origami Game – Fold! 
Folds - Origami Game
The first level is easy just like in all other games. Just fold it one time to end this level.

Folds – Origami Game – Next! 
Folds - Origami Game
Other levels get more challenging though the first few levels are still easy and not hard at all.

Folds – Origami Game – Hard? 
Folds - Origami Game
Not sure which level is this but it certainly does not look as easy as the first level of course!

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