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Finally got my copy of Hellgate : London!

1 Nov 2007 | Hellgate : London |  Comments Off on Finally got my copy of Hellgate : London!

I finally got it! Yay. Boo. The bloody mofos – IAHGames, they dare to release the game to the public without implementing the much required “Patch 0”! Just incredible! Wooh!

Still patching the bloody client…

Can’t believe that the SEA players are actually paying money up front to “beta test” the servers! I strongly believe that we are actually playing a beta build of the game.



Don’t believe me? Check out this link!

[IAH News] Patch 0 update for IAHGames servers


Patch 0 will be implemented into the IAHGames servers soon.

Once the patch is implemented, only the top 3 character slots for players will be accessible while the 4th to 21st character slots will be disabled.

The patch will also raise the current level cap for players from 22 to 50.

“Raise current level cap for players from 22 to 50”. Bloody beta restrictions all right, during the US beta test, the level cap for the characters is level 22.

Just bloody great.

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