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Larry And The Gnomes – Walkthrough

10 Jun 2010 | Flash, Walkthrough |  41 comments
Larry And The Gnomes Walkthrough Larry And The Gnomes – Walkthrough – Overview
A Larry And The Gnomes walkthrough for those who dunno how to beat the Gnome Boar Rider boss or the Gnome King boss in this Larry And The Gnomes beat’em up action flash game. A detailed guide for Larry And The Gnomes for those having difficulty in beating this beat’em up action flash game.

Larry And The Gnomes – Walkthrough – General Tips
– Try easy mode if you find the game to be a bit too hard for you to handle.
– Rage will not carry forward, use it before the stage ends.
– Big, slow attack speed and high damage weapons are not very useful.
– Small, fast attack speed and moderate damage are a better choice.

Larry And The Gnomes – Walkthrough – Karryon City – Tutorial
Larry And The Gnomes Walkthrough
– Just follow the on screen instructions as they appear.

Larry And The Gnomes – Walkthrough – Act 1 – Karryon City – Stage 1
Larry And The Gnomes Walkthrough
– Kill every Gnome in your path.
– Try not to fall off the rooftop.

Larry And The Gnomes – Walkthrough – Act 1 – Karryon City – Stage 2
Larry And The Gnomes Walkthrough
– Pick up a more powerful weapon if available.
– Unleash rage to beat Big Gnome if you want to.

Larry And The Gnomes – Walkthrough – Act 1 – Karryon City – Wizard Boss Fight
Larry And The Gnomes Walkthrough
– Dodge the spells as he casts them.
– Slingshot him if he teleports to a distance.
– Close in to attack him with your melee weapon.
– Observe shadows to avoid meteors from above.

Larry And The Gnomes – Walkthrough – Act 2 – The Land of Karryon
Larry And The Gnomes Walkthrough
– Unleash rage in the big fight after crossing the bridge if you want to.

Larry And The Gnomes – Walkthrough – Act 2 – The Barrens – Stage 1
Larry And The Gnomes Walkthrough
– Thorn bushes will hurt you if you touch them
– Destroy thorn bushes to find items.
– Speed jump over the small cactus field ahead.
– Destroy hordes of thorn bushes to proceed.
– Speed jump through last thorn bush to kill the Gnomes hiding behind.

Larry And The Gnomes – Walkthrough – Act 2 – The Barrens – Stage 2
Larry And The Gnomes Walkthrough
– Speed jump over pit of green goo.
– Speed jump over the spinning blade trap.
– Destroy thorn bushes to find items.
– Cross the bridge and kill the Gnomes.
– Speed jump over the two spinning blade traps.
– Unleash rage to beat the big Gnome if you want to.

Larry And The Gnomes – Walkthrough – Act 2 – Boar Rider Boss Fight
Larry And The Gnomes Walkthrough
– Pick up his spears when he throws them at you.
– Unleash rage when the ground is shaking.
– Throw spear at him to stun him as he appears.
– Quickly pick up your original weapon.
– Attack him while he is stunned.
– Jump and attack him when he is preparing to stomp the ground.
– Dodge his charges
– Hit bushes to get healing item.
– Repeat until he is dead.

Larry And The Gnomes – Walkthrough – Act 3 – Whackapork Forrest – Stage 1
Larry And The Gnomes Walkthrough
– Rifles are not good, keep your small and fast melee weapon.
– Pick up a more powerful melee weapon if available.
– Drop down and destroy the thorn bushes.
– Jump carefully through the spinning blade traps.
– Kill the wizard with your Sling Shot.
– Try not to jump into the aybss further ahead.
– Speed jump over the abyss.

Larry And The Gnomes – Walkthrough – Act 3 – Whackapork Forrest – Stage 2
Larry And The Gnomes Walkthrough
– Speed jump over the pit of green goo.
– Swing and jump onto the platforms.
– Quickly speed jump onto the ropes before the platform sinks.
– Speed jump while on the platform onto the second rope.
– Bounce onto the cloth back to the rope.
– Swing and jump onto the higher platform.
– Jump over the spinning blade trap.
– Drop down onto the cloth to bounce onto the rope in front.
– Swing and jump from rope to rope.
– Unleash rage to beat the Gnome Wizard and two Big Gnome if you want to.

Larry And The Gnomes – Walkthrough – Act 3 – Whackapork Forrest – Stage 3
Larry And The Gnomes Walkthrough
– Be careful of the spike traps on the ground.
– Speed jump over the spike barricades.
– Speed jump over the spinning blade traps.

Larry And The Gnomes – Walkthrough – Act 3 – Arena – Monster Boss Fight
Larry And The Gnomes Walkthrough
– Pick up fruits, throw apple at monster.
– Pick up your weapon and attack monster.
– Move away when the monster jumps up.
– Speed jump over him as the monster charges toward you.
– Repeat until the monster is dead.

Larry And The Gnomes – Walkthrough – Act 4 – Pit – Falling Down
Larry And The Gnomes Walkthrough
– Avoid the rocks.
– Get red balls to heal up.
– Get birds to have more flight control.

Larry And The Gnomes – Walkthrough – Act 4 – Underground – Stage 1
Larry And The Gnomes Walkthrough
– Pick up a more powerful weapon if available.
– Jump over the spinning blade trap.
– Drop down and kill the Gnomes.
– Drop down to the stairs slowly.
– Jump over the spinning blade traps carefully.
– Be careful of the spike traps on the ground.
– Speed jump over spike traps and across the abyss.

Larry And The Gnomes – Walkthrough – Act 4 – Underground – Stage 2
Larry And The Gnomes Walkthrough
– Unleash rage if the first fight is a bit too hard for you.
– Walk to the left side of the most left tower before killing them.
– If you attack them from the right side, they might fell off.
– You cannot progress if you cannot kill them all.
– Jump onto the trampoline and onto the ropes.
– Continue to jump and swing until you reach the far end.

Larry And The Gnomes – Walkthrough – Act 4 – Underground – Stage 3
Larry And The Gnomes Walkthrough
– Jump over spinning blade traps.
– Watch out for spike traps on the ground.
– Unleash rage if the fight is too hard.

Larry And The Gnomes – Walkthrough – Act 4 – Gnome King Boss Fight
Larry And The Gnomes Walkthrough
– Smash all the crates to reveal the health items.
– Get under the Gnome King to attack him from a blind spot.
– Jump and attack when the Gnome King jumps.
– Unleash rage meter when full.
– Run back to get health item when dying.
– Repeat until the Gnome King is defeated.

Deimos’s Thoughts
The Gnome Boar Rider boss is quite hard. It took a while for Deimos to figure out on his own that you need pick up his spears and throw it at him in order to stun him.

Deimos Asks
Have you beaten Larry And The Gnomes yet? What difficulty? Had fun? Yes? No? Why?


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  1. 10th June 2010 
    7:51 pm         

    said the following:

    This game looks great! I love the old fashioned side scrollers.
    Do you think this could ever come the iPhone?

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  3. 10th June 2010 
    8:02 pm         

    said the following:

    <3 Deimos

    By the way, you forget about the gnome king. 😮

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  5. 10th June 2010 
    8:15 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    Well if the developers work on an iPhone version then yes it would happen. 🙂

    Oh I am working on that! Give me a moment I will update this post. 😀

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  7. 10th June 2010 
    8:28 pm         

    said the following:

    Oh, i will give you some tips.

    Jump when the gnome king is trying to stomp on the ground. Be careful, it is an instant dead.

    😀 cheers

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  9. 11th June 2010 
    1:08 am         

    said the following:

    i thought Apple doesn’t allow flash anymore on their i-devices?

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  11. 11th June 2010 
    1:44 am         

    said the following:


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  13. 11th June 2010 
    12:30 pm         

    said the following:

    The boar rider boss isn’t throwing a spear. How do I get him to throw spears?

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  15. 11th June 2010 
    7:24 pm         

    said the following:

    i finished it in 3 hours O.o
    in medium mode and i had very fun!especially when i beat that freakng gnome king! ^_^

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  17. 12th June 2010 
    8:21 am         

    said the following:

    I beat it in a half hour on hard mode.

    Also could you put the hidden swords and achievements on here?

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  19. 12th June 2010 
    11:27 pm         

    said the following:

    Cool game. Btw, Deimos (and I think you should post it in this walkthrough)and guys, did you get the Star Wars Lightsaber in Act 3, stage 2? ^^ 30 pts. damage and goes like crazy!

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  21. 12th June 2010 
    11:41 pm         

    Random guy # 67
    said the following:

    I really liked the game…. Would be great if the gems did something other than giving an achievement though…. I had MAYOR difficulity figuring out what to do with the freak before the underground freefall….. Took me half an hour to beat him :O…But very funny game, and cool storyline

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  23. 13th June 2010 
    3:52 am         

    said the following:

    if the boar rider does not though spears i just faced away from him on the oppasit part hes on thats what he did to me and im fighting the monster andni keep on hitting the reset button instead of the pick up

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  25. 13th June 2010 
    9:05 am         

    said the following:

    nice walkthrough it really hellped me beat some of those bossis

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  27. 13th June 2010 
    9:06 pm         

    said the following:

    hehe, what am i supposed to do if i managed to “lose my weapon” exactly at the end of the lvl before the last boss???

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  29. 16th June 2010 
    9:54 am         

    said the following:

    I beat it on normal it was fun and addicting cant wait to play again after this i got 2 cheats unlocked and cant wait to use them the end was funny though. The third boss was the hardest for me and i used this walk through for it the second boss was easy i figured out the spear thing in no time at all. Can u maybe add in where the cameo swords are at i got buster sword and lightsaber but no other ones,

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  31. 18th June 2010 
    4:56 pm         

    said the following:

    Do u know that you can take heads and fight.

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  33. 18th June 2010 
    4:57 pm         

    said the following:

    Do u know that you can take heads and fight.and the 3 boss was faustraiting

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  35. 18th June 2010 
    5:01 pm         

    said the following:

    i luv it

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  37. 20th June 2010 
    11:48 am         

    said the following:

    you stand opposite of the boar rider. like if you go up top then he starts running you go down to the bottom

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  39. 8th July 2010 
    1:31 am         

    jodah dark
    said the following:

    i am play on the hardest difficulty and i thought of it very hard although i had to put in low quality of my my computers insane slowness i thought it was awesome escecailly the last fight but the boar boss was indeed very hard. and the last part also very funny i think the guy telling the story was the evil voice peace out

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  41. 8th July 2010 
    11:25 am         

    said the following:

    There are two hidden swords in the game. One is a sword with a serpentine design on the green goo part and the other is a blue lightsaber in the underground part on the jumping pads

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  43. 8th July 2010 
    2:54 pm         

    said the following:

    I beat this game on hard, and it on the last boss, I had a really hard time. It took me a while to come here and figure out that you could go back for the healing stuff. (I thought you were stuck in there with him) Thanks for the help.

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  45. 9th July 2010 
    5:55 am         

    said the following:

    In my case the rider dont throw his spear and i even get dmg when i speed jump

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  47. 10th July 2010 
    5:20 pm         

    said the following:

    I just beat the game on hard and I really enjoyed it. The main thing I liked about the game is that even on hard there was unlimited lives. This makes sure even a novice player can finish the game on any difficulty as long as they keep trying. You don’t see this in a lot of games like this one and I think it really makes it stand out.

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  49. 12th July 2010 
    1:31 pm         

    said the following:

    how the hell do u use rage i am on act 3 stage 3 and it is too hard

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  51. 16th July 2010 
    5:51 am         

    said the following:

    i beat this on hard… you forgot about teh easter swords on teh level where you jump over the green goo with ropes, trampolines, a giant spike trap, etc. and the abyss level after the drop from the zombie.

    they include (and are limited to): Cloud’s Sword (Final Fantasy 7, slow weapon, 27 attack)
    Master Sword (Legend of Zelda, slow weapon, 40 attack)
    Lightsabre (Star Wars, very fast weapon that ends as best in the game, 30 attack)
    Froshin (WoW, very slow, 40 attack, slowdown effect 2seconds)
    Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts, inhumanly slow, 40 attack, poison effect 100, which means it poison opponent for 100 damage)
    Sword of Ancients (Paladin, fast, 25 attack, poison effect 30, slowdown effect 5seconds)
    Chaos Blade (God of War, slow, 73 damage, only weapon to pass 50 damage unfiltered)

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  53. 16th July 2010 
    5:57 am         

    said the following:

    Now that taco mentioned it, I noticed that the chaos blade rips through the gnome king if you let him hit you until you rage and then pummel him. The fight will take around 45 seconds!

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  55. 19th July 2010 
    11:35 am         

    said the following:

    Taco is one
    Sting (Lord of the Rings, 30 attack, as lightsaber)

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  57. 30th July 2010 
    3:09 pm         

    social media marketing
    said the following:

    Thanks for the post, I just finished the game using the walk-through 🙂

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  59. 31st July 2010 
    3:04 am         

    home business jobs
    said the following:

    even a walk through could get me to play this game! this game sucks!

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  61. 31st July 2010 
    8:34 pm         

    said the following:

    How do you use rage?


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  63. 2nd August 2010 
    6:41 pm         

    skin care advisor
    said the following:

    beats me! what’s a rage?

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  65. 5th August 2010 
    4:20 am         

    whole tips and tricks
    said the following:

    You don’t need the walkthrough dude, this game is easy 🙂

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  67. 6th August 2010 
    4:22 am         

    minting money online
    said the following:

    This is really hard. How can you say it’s easy?

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  69. 6th August 2010 
    11:50 pm         

    dating secrets for u
    said the following:

    larry boy is most awesome kid i know.

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  71. 8th August 2010 
    4:05 pm         

    said the following:

    here’s your cameo guide; there are eight to get and one will spawn randomly on one of three pedestals on the green goo at the beginning of Act 3, lvl 2. for easy access to the medals, you can just go find the one that spawned, pick it up, then go back to the main menu and go back into your saved game, and another, hopefully different, sword will have spawned.
    these are the 8 cameo swords:

    Keyblade – slow, 40 dmg (Kingdom Hearts)
    Chaos Blade – fast, 30 dmg (God of War)
    Master Sword – slow, 40 dmg (Legend of Zelda)
    Sting – fast, 30 dmg (Lord of the Rings)
    Sword of Ancients – slow, 40 dmg (Paladin)
    Buster Sword – slow, 40 dmg (Final Fantasy)
    Frostmourne – slow, 30 dmg, 2s ice (Warcraft)
    Lightsaber – fast, 30 dmg (Star Wars)

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  73. 10th August 2010 
    5:47 am         

    said the following:

    When the boar charges at you from the left side the ground will begin to shake
    Stay at the left side and when the ground begins to shake start walking.
    At the very end move down and he throws a spear.
    I did it 3 times and it worked

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  75. 4th September 2010 
    4:22 pm         

    said the following:

    I have a better way to beat the boar boss. First, stay at the top of the screen.once the ground vibrates, go to the bottom of the screen and walk to the right or left. Either one will do but don’t go too far. He will throw a spear instead of hitting you with the boar because you are on the other side of the screen. And the chances of you getting hit is low because you are walking. Repeat until you have three spears on one side. Go to that side and wait for the earth shake. Pick up a spear and throw it at the first sign of movement. Pick up your other weapon and attack the boar (I reccomend picking up a poison wand before you go to this battle since it will do damage over time). Then jump up when the boar has reached it’s full height when it tries to trample you, don’t worry you will get a feel for this once you get hit by it once. After that, go back to the spears and repeat until he is dead. If you got unlucky, hit the bushes for health like it was said in the walkthrough above. Also, on the slimy goo thing, sometimes there are powerful swords on the platforms. If the damage is 40, don’t use it. If the damage is 30, use it. If the damage is 30 but it says 2s below it, don’t use it. And you do not necessarily have to bounce on the trampolines or step on the platforms, you just have to grab onto the ropes. Dude, I am not saying your walkthrough sucks, I am just saying the better way to do it.

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  77. 12th November 2010 
    8:40 pm         

    said the following:

    Hey, nice guide deimo!
    Helped me get through the boar boss..

    Beginners: for the weapons:
    If there is two numbers for the damages on a weapon: green is for poison damage, blue for the number of seconds the ennemy will be stunned, red is for additional damage (not 100% sure for this last one)
    Big damage but slow weapons are not the best ones, you want to hit the gnomes before they can hit you, so the fastest are best.

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  79. 17th January 2011 
    11:23 am         

    said the following:

    Anyone got an enchant guide? Like what color does what?

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  81. 20th August 2011 
    3:19 am         

    said the following:

    After an hour, even knowing that I need to hit him with the spear, I have finally figured out the trick to the boar boss. It’s a simple set of moves requiring an understanding of two aspects of how the boss works, and one bit of understanding how weapons work.

    Firstly, it requires a good look at hit boxes. I wanted to know how not to get hit. It’s actually a fair bit deceptive. The answer is, almost anywhere BELOW the boar on the screen will get you hit, and almost anywhere ABOVE the boar on the screen will get you through unscathed. This leads me to believe that jumping over the boar, even sprint jumping, is risky… because while jumping will raise you on the screen, it’ll also lower you back down, making it likely that you’ll get hit.

    The next trick to understand is that the boar rider won’t throw his spear if he thinks he can run you over instead. He doesn’t even need to actually be able run you over, he just needs to THINK he can. When does he think you can? When you are in front of or below him for the majority of his run (I’m convinced there’s a trigger “decision moment” but I’m not sure exactly when it is). So even if you do successfully jump over him, chances are he won’t throw his spear anyway because he thought he could hit you. Sometimes you CAN time your jump so perfectly he’ll throw anyway, but it’s a crapshoot in my opinion, with the odds firmly against you.

    The third aspect to understand is how weapons work. This should be the easiest part, but ironically took me a while to get down pat. Basically, when you exchange weapons, you drop your current weapon right there. So basically, if you want to actually damage the boar with more than your FISTS, you need to stop where you are when you pick up the spear, otherwise you’re not going to be able to get to your sword in time. (I personally favor the 11-power sabers).

    So, with these facts in mind, here’s the trick:


    Step 1) Start in the most vulnerable position, namely, the bottom of the screen– preferably at the opposite left/right side that the boar is coming from.

    Step 2) Wait for the rumble. Wait a couple seconds while it’s rumbling to get the boar to commit to your location (you’ll need to learn the timing yourself, but it’s easy to pick up) and then simply walk to the top of the screen. Don’t jump, don’t run, just walk straight up.

    Step 3) If you’ve done it right, the boar will pass right below you, AND he’ll have thrown his spear, AND since he’s so close he won’t damage you with it either.

    Step 4) Pick up the spear, and face the direction the boar just went. You may find yourself fairly close to the edge, so you won’t have much reaction time– possibly you’ll want to dodge nearer the middle of the stage for this reason.

    Step 5) Without moving away from your sword, throw the spear at the boar the SECOND he appears on screen.

    Step 6) Pick up your sword and start wailing on him.

    Step 7) Walk quickly back down to the bottom. If everything went according to plan, you should be able to repeat your steps EXACTLY, even staying on the same left/right side of the stage. If not, you might find at some point you’ll need to switch, but fortunately, you should have plenty of stamina to run over!

    If you make mistakes, and given the precise timing needed throughout, I won’t be surprised if you make a mistake a time or two, see if you can find a spare moment to smack the bush on either the left or right side of the stage a bunch of times, and eventually a red orb’ll come out.

    Now you just have to be consistent and repetitive. He’s got WAY too much health, so you’ll have to repeat these steps some dozen times or so, but it can be done. Take the chance out of it by not relying on jumping, and you can focus on refining your timing otherwise! Skill and practice will then win out, I promise you.