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Elf Story – Walkthrough

5 Feb 2013 | Flash, Walkthrough |  1 comment
Elf Story - Walkthrough Elf Story – Walkthrough
This is an Elf Story walkthrough for those who do not know how to beat Elf Story. A comprehensive Elf Story guide complete with screen shots and detailed text descriptions explaining what to do on each scene. However the last two scenes does require some precise clicking though.

Elf Story – Walkthrough – Bedroom
Elf Story Walkthrough
1. Get Edwin to wake up. (a)
2. Make him stand up. (a and drag upwards)
3. Walk near bed. (b)
4. Get kitchen knife. (c)
5. Remove pillow (d) to get goober. (d)
6. Walk near closet door (e) and open it. (e)
7. Get fanboy hoodie and baseball bat inside closet. (e)
8. Walk near TV (f) and touch it. (f)
“Nah” = Explode into tiny pieces.
“Who Are You?” = Learn more about the story.
“Let’s Do It!” = Skips most of the conversation.
9. Get super pretendo controller on right side. (g)
10. Examine super pretendo controller on left side. (h)
11. Press the start button to enter into the game world. (i)

Elf Story – Walkthrough – Hut
Elf Story Walkthrough
1. Walk near branch (a) and break it off. (a)
2. Walk near vases (b) to smash them (b) and get kupos. (b)
3. Walk near hatch (c) to stab branch into it. (c)
4. Pry open the hatch. (c and drag rightwards)
5. Get the key inside the hatch. (c)
6. Walk near chest (d) to unlock and open it. (d)
7. Get shrunken severed head inside chest. (d)
8. Exit via the stairs on the left. (e)

Elf Story – Walkthrough – Outside Hut
Elf Story Walkthrough
1. Choose an action before the timer ends. (a)
Nothing = Death by arrow.
Sword = Kill the demon with sword.
Dagger = Kill the demon with dagger.
Controller “Aim for the sky” = Up
2. Loot the dead demon on the floor thoroughly.
3. Climb down the ladder to continue. (b)

Elf Story – Walkthrough – Down the Ladder
Elf Story Walkthrough
1. Walk near rock (a) and pick it up. (a and drag upwards)
2. Throw rock away (b) and get the kupos.
3. Get precious metal ore (a) that was under the rock.
4. Walk towards the right side. (c)
5. Fight the bandit.
Jump back. (click big red left arrow as it appears)
Jump up. (click big red up arrow as it appears)
Use any weapons to kill the bandit.
Controller “Sonic Boom”
Hold Left, Right, Top Left Button
6. Loot the dead bandit on the floor thoroughly.
7. Exit to the next scene via the right. (c)

Elf Story – Walkthrough – Road Sign
Elf Story Walkthrough
1. Walk near the middle. (a)
2. Walk near the tree. (b)
3. Take out sword. (click on Edwin)
4. Hit tree with sword. (b)
5. Walk near dead bird (c) and pick it up. (c)
6. Walk back to the middle. (a)
7. Walk to the house. (d)

Elf Story – Walkthrough – Outside Shop
Elf Story Walkthrough
1. Stand there until bird poop drops on your head.
2. Go inside. (a)

Elf Story – Walkthrough – Inside Shop
Elf Story Walkthrough
1. Answer Hobart accordingly.
“I Need Weapons” = Buy weapons.
“Imma Kill You” = Ripped apart by Hobart.
2. Click “FREE KUPO” at bottom left corner if you need more kupos.
3. Trade precious metal ore for steel sword. (a, required)
4. Trade shrunken head for soul bangle. (b, optional)
5. Buy bombs with 50 kupos. (c, optional)
6. Get the skull. (d)
7. Exit via the door. (e)

Elf Story – Walkthrough – Back Outside
Elf Story Walkthrough
1. Quickly block the sword (a) and chase off the bandit.
2. Loot the sword for kupos.
3. Exit towards the right. (b)

Elf Story – Walkthrough – Gate
Elf Story Walkthrough
1. Choose one dialogue option.
“Move Aside” = Start combat.
“Screw You!” = Start combat.
“Ok. I’m Sorry.” = Start combat eventually.
2. Block attack with sword.
(click Edwin when big red down arrow appears at top of Edwin)
3. Loot dead guard for kupos.
4. Keep looting until you find the gate key.
5. Walk near gate (a) and unlock it. (a)
6. Exit via the gate into the dark forest.

Elf Story – Walkthrough – Dark Forest
Elf Story Walkthrough
1. Block all four arrows. (click on arrows)
– first three arrows are aimed at Edwin’s throat
– last fourth arrow is aimed at Edwin’s stomach
(third and fourth arrow is much faster, try clicking rapidly)
2. Quickly attack the bandit. (click b before he hides)
Controller “Get over here!”
Left, Left, Top Left Button
3. Loot the bandit for kupos.
4. Exit towards the right. (c)

Elf Story – Walkthrough – Ogre
Elf Story Walkthrough
1. Land six successful attacks on the Ogre to kill it.
– jump upward or forward to dodge (a)
– attack ogre between his eyes (b)
2. Kill ogre to beat the game.

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