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Dota 2 Giveaway x9

3 Mar 2013 | PC |  1 comment
Dota 2 This first out of nine Dota 2 giveaway did not end up well as there were no participants and Deimos realized that no one will be able to post any links due to the spam filter. Therefore, the Dota 2 Giveaway will be held again but this time all nine copies will be up for grabs since no one wants them. Kinda.

How to enter this Dota 2 Giveway and win a copy?
1. Like ahkong.net on facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ahkong.net
2. Share this Dota 2 Giveaway blog post on your Facebook wall.
(sharing this http://ahkong.net/dota-2-giveaway-1-9/ works too)
3. Get friends to like your Facebook wall post.
4. One like means one entry. Own like counts as one.
5. Post your Facebook wall post link (with many likes) here:
6. Wait for the winner to be announced on 9 March 2013, Saturday.

Hopefully, this time there will be some people participating.

One Comment

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  1. 5th March 2013 
    1:02 am         

    Dakota Daves
    said the following:

    thanks for doing this… with all the league i play ive been looking for an excuse to play DoTA and now being able to get a access code will make it easier