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Dota 2 Giveaway x7 – Winners!

23 Mar 2013 | PC |  0 comments
Dota 2 Giveaway The winners for the Dota 2 Giveaway x7 held on 17 March 2013 will be announced today. All five people who participated will get a copy since there are seven copies to give away which means there are still two copies of Dota remaining to give away. The earlier two copies of Dota 2 have yet to be claimed though.

Based on the link here:

It seems that the following people participated:
1. Yuri Pauluci
2. Theofillus Sigit
3. Edward Nacpil
4. Matt Benson
5. Sylvain Reveillere

Since there are seven (7) copies of Dota 2 to give away, everyone gets a copy!

Also, the following two have yet to claim their copy of Dota:
1. John Trussell
2. Devon R Godsby

The remaining two (2) copies will still be up for grabs.

Please message Deimos on facebook to claim your Dota 2.

Thank you!

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