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Dota 2 Giveaway 1 / 9

24 Feb 2013 | PC |  1 comment
Dota 2 This is the first out of nine Dota 2 giveaway that will be held on weekends every Sunday. The winner for this giveaway will be published on the upcoming Saturday which is on 2 March 2013. Like ahkong.net on Facebook and share this blog post if you would like to win a copy for yourself from this Dota 2 giveaway.

How to enter this Dota 2 Giveway and win a copy?
1. Like ahkong.net on facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ahkong.net
2. Share this Dota 2 Giveaway blog post on your Facebook wall.
3. Get friends to like your Facebook wall post.
4. One like means one entry. Own like counts as one.
5. Post your Facebook wall post link in this Dota 2 Giveaway blog post.
6. Wait for the winner to be announced on 2 March 2013, Saturday.

Weekly Steam Games Giveaway
This is part of the Weekly Steam Games Giveaway that Deimos announced yesterday which makes this the first game to be given away during the weekly Steam games giveaways.

Anyway, check out some screen shots of Dota 2 if you have not already.

Dota 2 – Main Menu!
Dota 2
Check out the latest news, various info, find games to play etc via the menu tabs at the top.

Dota 2 – Practice! 
Dota 2
Deimos just want to take some screen shots for this blog post so he started a bot match.

Dota 2 – Lina! 
Dota 2
Surely it must be very tiring to keep both hands up like that all the time like her.

Dota 2 – Action! 
Dota 2
Shown above is a ranged area of effect attack that stuns everything within the radius.

Dota 2 – Fire! 
Dota 2
This move damages everything in a line. Lina is all about burning things up for good!

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  1. 1st March 2013 
    10:52 am         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    This giveaway will be repeated again tomorrow. Need to come up with better way for participants to post links. I forgot that no links can be posted in the comments.