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Diablo 3 Monk

26 May 2012 | Action, MMO, PC, RPG |  1 comment

Diablo 3

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Diablo 3 – Monk!
Diablo 3
This is what Deimos’s Monk look like at the moment. Kinda feels weird wielding a dagger and armed with a huge shield right? Inferno difficulty mode has little survival options.

Diablo 3 – Skills!
Diablo 3
The highest level that a character can achieve in Diablo 3 is level sixty (60) and Deimos’s Monk has reached that level. Currently equipped her with the above shown skills.

Diablo 3 – Way of the Hundred Fists!
Diablo 3
Using a level sixty (60) rune which unleashes a long ranged attack at the third strike.

Diablo 3 – Lashing Tail Kick!
Diablo 3
Probably not as strong as Chuck Norris’s roundhouse kick though but it will suffice. Strapped on a rune which increases knock back distance and snares kicked enemies.

Diablo 3 – Breath of Heaven!
Diablo 3
The standard healing skill of the Monk. Quite useful at harder difficulties such as Nightmare, Hell or Inferno to stay alive. Attach a damage rune to get increased damage!

Diablo 3 – Serenity!
Diablo 3
The “god mode” skill of the Monk. Absorb all damage for three (3) seconds and breaks free of crowd control skills during activation. Attach a heal rune to make it a healing skill!

Diablo 3 – Mystic Ally!
Diablo 3
Summon a mystic ally! Attach elemental runes for different elemental powers!

Diablo 3 – Mantra of Conviction!
Diablo 3
Mantra of Conviction makes nearby enemies take more damage! Strap on a Submission rune to make enemies take damage every second!

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  1. 30th May 2012 
    6:27 pm         

    said the following:

    Cool man, you get to play Diablo 3. I, have no money to buy the game at this moment. Sad. 🙁
    And there is not much chance of having a pirated copy as single player needs to be online. Sad again. 🙁