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Diablo 3 Cinematics

20 May 2012 | Action, MMO, PC, RPG |  0 comments

Diablo 3

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Diablo 3 Cinematics – Menu!
Diablo 3
Once you have unlocked a cinematic you can view it from the main menu anytime.

Diablo 3 Cinematics – Leah!
Diablo 3
Leah calls Deckard Cain “uncle” so does it mean they are related? Or not? Adopted perhaps?

Diablo 3 Cinematics – Uncle?
Diablo 3
Uncle Deckard Cain got hit by some comet or meteor and Leah is left all alone. So lonely.

Diablo 3 Cinematics – Death?
Diablo 3
Poor old Deckard Cain was killed by some butterfly witch. May he rest in peace. Finally!

Diablo 3 Cinematics – Tyreal?
Diablo 3
Tyreal was an archangel of justice. He stripped off his wings and became mortal though.

Diablo 3 Cinematics – Tyreal!
Diablo 3
Tyreal is now a mortal and no longer an angel though he still radiates angelic auras.

Diablo 3 Cinematics – Hands?
Diablo 3
Tyreal sure has huge hands. Or simply Leah is too skinny and has tiny hands instead?

Diablo 3 Cinematics – Soulstone!
Diablo 3
Leah studying the Black Soulstone. Or writing something. Not sure what she is doing.

Diablo 3 Cinematics – Diablo?
Diablo 3
Diablo makes an appearance at the start of Act 4 after possessing Leah in end of Act 3.

Diablo 3 Cinematics – Diablo!
Diablo 3
Poor Leah certainly did not expect her own mother Adria to betray her. Poor, poor Leah.

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