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Deimos’s EntreSHOP – Deimos’s Redirects (DR) Up for Grabs!

22 Jan 2008 | Shop, The Blogsphere |  7 comments

Deimos’s EntreShop - Deimos’s Redirects (DR) Up for Grabs!
Have a very long Internet World Wide Web Address aka Universal Resource Locator (URL) that needs a shorter redirect? Subscribe to Deimos’s Redirects (DR) with EntreCredits now!

Deimos’s Redirects (DR)
Once Purchase Order is confirmed, Deimos will set up the necessary URL redirects.

x36 Deimos Redirect (DR) – x1 Digit
i.e. ahkong.net/0 … ahkong.net/9 … ahkong.net/a … ahkong.net/z

[Buy it Now!] x1 Month ~ 98 ECs (98.00 ECs per Month)
[Buy it Now!] x3 Months ~ 288 ECs (96.00 ECs per Month) [Save 6 ECs!]
[Buy it Now!] x6 Months ~ 568 ECs (94.67 ECs per Month) [Save 20 ECs!]
[Buy it Now!] x12 Months ~ 1008 ECs (84.00 ECs per Month) [Save 168 ECs!]
[Buy it Now!] x24 Months ~ 2008 ECs (83.67 ECs per Month) [Save 344 ECs!]
[Buy it Now!] x60 Months ~ 3008 ECs (50.13 ECs per Month) [Save 2,872 ECs!]

Please indicate the choice of character ranging from 0-9, a-z to be used for the URL redirection. Enter at least 10 choices in case one’s choice is already taken by others.

Subscriber is able to change the URL to be redirected upon request.

Price Lock Policy
– Those who bought a package prior to price spike will retain the previous rates
– Until the package has expired

Terms and Conditions
Deimos reserves the following rights to do the following at any time:
– Increase the price of DRs
– Contact Purchaser for more info
– Amend the Terms and Conditions
– Refuse any incoming Purchase Orders
– Cancel Order and Refund EntreCredits to the Purchaser
– Attach DR Sales Information to the Purchase Orders section
(For tracking sales record and to make sure an order is completed)

Purchasers reserves the following rights to do the following at any time:
– Ask Deimos any queries related to DR by leaving a message here below

Purchasers reserves the following rights after a DR order is purchased:
– Write a testimonial about DR via leaving a message here below

Why buy Deimos’s Redirects (DR) at all?
Why would one be interested in purchasing Deimos’s Redirects (DR) with EntreCredits when one can already use the existing TinyURL for free?

1. Deimos’s Redirect (DR) is shorter:

ti-ny-U-R-L-dot-com (7 parts) vs ah-kong-dot-net (4 parts)

Eventually, Deimos’s Redirects (DR) would develop into ahkong.net/xd54io etc but since Deimos Redirects (DR) is still new, redirects would start with a single digit character:


That’s x36 12 characters URL redirects up for grabs!

2. TinyURL monetizes their domain with Google Adsense, Deimos has yet to do so.
[Support Deimos with EntreCredits!]

Purchase Orders
None available yet.

Copyright Notice
The EntreLogo in the title banner is copyrighted, trademarked by EntreCard.Com hence illegal re-use of it violates various copyright laws and thus doing so is not recommended.

Permission to use the EntreLogo in this page is requested by Deimos, granted by EntreCard.Com and Deimos is very grateful for that.

Deimos’s Thoughts
Not sure if anyone would be interested, since TinyURL is automated and hassle free.

Deimos Asks
Anyone interested in buying URL redirects from me?
Need em in bulk? Let me know how many DRs you need.


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  1. 23rd January 2008 
    10:53 pm         

    said the following:

    Wah….. Entre here, Entre there…… now got online store somemore!!!…….I am back!!!!

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  3. 23rd January 2008 
    11:23 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    W00t! You’re back! No more hiatus aye? 😉

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  5. 23rd January 2008 
    11:37 pm         

    said the following:

    Finished my hiatus a bit early……….. normal lar……

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  7. 23rd January 2008 
    11:48 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    Aye, welcome back yo! Interested in buying my Redirects? 😛

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  9. 24th January 2008 
    4:08 am         

    said the following:

    This is a great idea. Wish I would’ve thought of it myself.

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  11. 24th January 2008 
    1:30 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    Thanks. Perhaps you would like to register a domain for yourself? 😉
    Have to set up the shop item for this redirect thingie though. 😛
    I believe the domains with very low character count is more suitable for this? 🙂

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  13. 25th February 2008 
    6:19 pm         

    How Deimos uses Social Networking - EntreCard.Com - Writing Contest! Win 3,000 EntreCredits - by Alan @ libdrone.info | ahkong.net
    said the following:

    […] I then proceeded to sell the following three services – Deimos’s Sincere Comments (DSC), Deimos’s Redirects (DR) and Deimos EntreCard Designs (DED). Among these Three (3) I must say that DSC enjoyed the […]