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Deimos’s EntreSHOP – Deimos’s Sincere Comments (DSC) Up for Grabs!

21 Jan 2008 | Shop, The Blogsphere |  12 comments

Deimos’s EntreShop - Deimos’s Sincere Comments (DSC) Up for Grabs!
Deimos has just been given EntreShop Seller Status, come in and find out what’s for sale.

Deimos’s Sincere Comments (DSC)
Once bought, Deimos will head over to the site of the purchaser, look for articles of interest (that Deimos finds interests in) and comment accordingly, sincerely.

Limited DSCs available, stock whenever Deimos sees fit.

[Buy it Now!] x1 DSC ~ 38 ECs (38.00 ECs per DSC)

Note: All DSCs will be invoice tagged for record tracking i.e. DSC-21/01/08-001

Bulk Purchase
Those who are interested in Bulk Purchase of multiple DSCs in large quantities, please contact Deimos Tel`Arin directly by leaving a message using the comment forms here below or by sending a private message.

Price Lock Policy
– Those who bought a DSC prior to price spike will retain the previous rates
– Until the DSC Purchase Order is completed

Terms and Conditions
Deimos reserves the following rights to do the following at any time:
– Increase the price of DSC
– Contact Purchaser for more info
– Amend the Terms and Conditions
– Refuse any incoming Purchase Orders
(Already too many Purchaser Orders at hand)
– Refund EntreCredits to the Purchaser in full amount
(Deimos is unable to locate any articles that interests him)
– Attach DSC Sales Information to the Purchase Orders section
(For tracking sales record and to make sure an order is completed)
– Complete DSC Purchase Orders within a period deemed reasonable by Deimos

Purchasers reserves the following rights to do the following at any time:
– Ask Deimos any queries related to DSC by leaving a message here below

Purchasers reserves the following rights after a DSC Purchase Order is made:
– Remind Deimos that the DSC Purchase Order has yet to be completed

Purchasers reserves the following rights after a DSC Purchase Order is completed:
– Write a testimonial about DSC via leaving a message here below

Purchase Orders
Please take note any DSC purchased shall be listed here below:
DSC-21/01/08-019 | great-stuff
DSC-21/01/08-020 | let-your-content-be-found-on-search-engines
DSC-21/01/08-021 | great-list-of-tips-for-your-blog-by-arnold
DSC-21/01/08-022 | how-does-your-site-rate-places-to-check
DSC-21/01/08-023 | dont-you-just-hate-it-when-this-happens
DSC-21/01/08-024 | firefox-and-stumbleupon
DSC-21/01/08-025 | do-you-leave-your-blogging-friends-behind

DSC-21/01/08-026 | bad-blog-reviews/bad-blog-reviews-vvide
DSC-21/01/08-027 | bad-blog-reviews/i-got-slammed-bad-blog-review-slamblogger-part-one DSC-21/01/08-028 | bad-blog-reviews/bad-blog-review-tales-from-kulafumbi

DSC-21/01/08-029 | 2008/01/zap-trucks-tell-santa-this-is-what-i.html
DSC-21/01/08-030 | 2008/01/goodnight-computers-goodnight.html
DSC-21/01/08-031 | 2008/01/haiku-for-bamboo.html

DSC-21/01/08-032 | 2008/01/worlds-cheapest-car-launched-in-india.html
DSC-21/01/08-033 | 2008/01/free-blog-review-for-my-readers-part-1.html
DSC-21/01/08-034 | 2008/02/how-to-write-interesting-blog-post.html

DSC-21/01/08-035 | 2008/01/manic-monday-date.html

DSC-21/01/08-036 | 2008/01/dont-have-any-idea.html

DSC-21/01/08-037 | ?p=116

DSC-21/01/08-038 | escape-is-eminent

DSC-21/01/08-039 | let-me-out-of-the-box.php

DSC-21/01/08-040 | articles/advertising/entrecard-on-facebook

DSC-21/01/08-040a | 2008/01/21/how-often-does-google-crawl-you

DSC-21/01/08-041 | welcome-to-trend-spike
DSC-21/01/08-042 | world-of-addictcraft-10-million-lives-and-counting
DSC-21/01/08-043 | show-me-the-features
DSC-21/01/08-044 | are-you-sleeping-with-lorena-bobbitt
DSC-21/01/08-045 |
DSC-21/01/08-046 |
DSC-21/01/08-047 |
DSC-21/01/08-048 |
DSC-21/01/08-049 |
DSC-21/01/08-050 |
DSC-21/01/08-051 |
DSC-21/01/08-052 |
DSC-21/01/08-053 |
DSC-21/01/08-054 |
DSC-21/01/08-055 |
DSC-21/01/08-056 |
DSC-21/01/08-057 |
DSC-21/01/08-058 |
DSC-21/01/08-059 |
DSC-21/01/08-060 |
DSC-21/01/08-061 |
DSC-21/01/08-062 |
DSC-21/01/08-063 |
DSC-21/01/08-064 |
DSC-21/01/08-065 |
DSC-21/01/08-066 |
DSC-21/01/08-067 |
DSC-21/01/08-068 |
DSC-21/01/08-069 |
DSC-21/01/08-070 |
DSC-21/01/08-071 |
DSC-21/01/08-072 |
DSC-21/01/08-073 |
DSC-21/01/08-074 |
DSC-21/01/08-075 |
DSC-21/01/08-076 |
DSC-21/01/08-077 |
DSC-21/01/08-078 |
DSC-21/01/08-079 |
DSC-21/01/08-080 |
DSC-21/01/08-081 |
DSC-21/01/08-082 |
DSC-21/01/08-083 |
DSC-21/01/08-084 |
DSC-21/01/08-085 |

DSC-24/01/08-001 | 2008/01/25/antibarbie-the-spy

DSC-24/01/08-002 | de-clutter-your-site-and-make-more-money-with-affiliate-marketing

DSC-25/01/08-001 | 2008/01/23/are-google-too-powerful
DSC-26/01/08-001 | 2008/01/27/protect-your-pictures-and-prevent-bandwidth-theft
DSC-12/02/08-001 | 2008/03/05/nice-development

DSC-25/01/08-002 | index.php/john-chow-bio [comment was not approved]
DSC-02/03/08-001 |

DSC-25/01/08-003 | 2008/01/oldschool-video-games-crpgs.html
DSC-26/01/08-002 | 2008/01/psych-class-revolutionaries-memories.html
DSC-26/01/08-003 | 2008/02/im-totally-depressed.html

DSC-25/01/08-004 | 2008/01/2nd-entrecard-contest-and-winner-is.html

DSC-28/01/08-001 | blogging/skribit-give-your-users-what-they-want

DSC-30/01/08-001 | deep-comments-heavy-traffic

DSC-31/01/08-001 | were-giving-away-14000-entrecard-credits-48

DSC-05/02/08-001 | 2008/01/why-men-can-pee-standing-up.html
DSC-12/02/08-001 | 2008/02/pastors-ass.html

DSC-05/02/08-002 | index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=42&Itemid=1

DSC-31/01/08-001 | 2008/01/29/how-to-pick-a-good-partner/

DSC-07/02/08-001 | 2008/02/24/dr-abhis-life-1

DSC-08/02/08-001 |
DSC-08/02/08-002 |

DSC-12/02/08-001 | 1779/techcrunch-bans-entrecard-im-about-done-too

DSC-17/02/08-001 | starbucks-iphone-quick-order-application/

DSC-17/02/08-002 | meditation/how-do-i-meditate-inner-fitness-principals.html

DSC-20/02/08-001 | article/burning_news_aruba_edition

DSC-22/02/08-001 | ?p=33

DSC-23/02/08-001 | an-open-plea-to-blogspot-bloggers

DSC-23/02/08-002 | 2008/02/nuffnang-serves-vibrating-ads.html

DSC-28/02/08-001 | you-are-a-techie-when-your-license-plate-says-so

DSC-28/02/08-002 |

DSC-06/03/08-001 |

Copyright Notice
The EntreLogo in the title banner is copyrighted, trademarked by EntreCard.Com hence illegal re-use of it violates various copyright laws and thus doing so is not recommended.

Permission to use the EntreLogo in this page is requested by Deimos, granted by EntreCard.Com and Deimos is very grateful for that.

Deimos’s Thoughts
I noticed that many blogs are kinda comment-empty and I thought that this service might benefit them, if they are interested.

Deimos Asks
Anyone wanna buy comments from me?
I’m totally sincere and honest, ya know?

Wanna do bulk orders? Let me know how many DSCs you need.


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  1. 21st January 2008 
    11:32 am         

    EntreCarder Survival Guide | ahkong.net
    said the following:

    […] Set up an EntreSHOP and offer quality products and services. [Make purchasers happy and hope they come back for […]

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  3. 21st January 2008 
    11:54 am         

    said the following:

    Hey you already comment on my site, do I really need to buy your comments??

    Treat an old friend like that meh! 😡

    Ok ok, I’ll buy some…

  4. comment_type != "trackback" && $comment->comment_type != "pingback" && !ereg("", $comment->comment_content) && !ereg("", $comment->comment_content)) { ?>
  5. 21st January 2008 
    12:03 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    Up to you lah. 😆
    You don’t buy I will also comment (if not too busy) one. 😳
    Treat you how oh? 🙄
    If you feel like supporting me I am okay with that. 😛
    Methinks this service is useful for sites which have no comments at all. 😐

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  7. 21st January 2008 
    11:31 pm         

    Steve Yu
    said the following:

    Cool idea, I love comments! 😛

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  9. 22nd January 2008 
    2:35 am         

    said the following:

    whoa… you offer such a free service liow woh

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  11. 22nd January 2008 
    5:43 am         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    @Steve Yu:
    Wanna buy some? 🙄


    What free service? 💡


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  13. 22nd January 2008 
    8:34 am         

    said the following:

    Ok la, I will support my old friend.

    But all your items are out of stock leh, replenish!

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  15. 22nd January 2008 
    9:47 am         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    I have to complete yesterday’s orders first. 😐
    Its quite tiring, I think I have to jack up the price a bit. 🙄

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  17. 22nd January 2008 
    10:00 pm         

    said the following:

    Haha, i still have no idea what this whole entrecard thing is about.. Just clicking on all the “drop yours” buttons here and there without knowing what it is for.

    And now there are shops? Lol, to buy comments? Wow, that’s.. new. How do we even make ‘money’ to buy these comments? XP I guess i’m just too lazy to read up on this OR i’m getting old and outdated. Haha


    p.s. Can out of stock somemore? :X

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  19. 23rd January 2008 
    6:35 am         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    Are you are interested in driving more traffic to your site? 💡
    How about networking with more bloggers? 😐
    If you are, then EntreCard does an excellent job at that. 🙂
    Well, if you are not, then EntreCard is not suitable I guess. 😀

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  21. 21st February 2008 
    8:27 am         

    Michael Aulia
    said the following:

    When I started, getting 20ec was a happy-chappy moment for me. Now somehow I have around 800 credits and don’t feel like spending it 😀 I guess it’s true with the saying that being rich doesn’t make you happy lol

    Deimos: Why don’t you list the discounts that we’ll get for buying bulk comments:
    Something like:
    1 comment – 28 ec per comment
    5 comments – 20 ec per comments

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  23. 21st February 2008 
    9:38 am         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    @Michael Aulia:
    Well, I have 11k++ EntreCredits and the figure is rising everyday. 😆
    I am happy with the fact that I have lots of EntreCredits. :mrgreen:
    Regarding Discount on purchasing Bulk Comments, I used to have that. 😐
    Then I felt it was kinda a bit too tedious for me. 😯
    Mind you, I still owe DSCs to a number of purchasers. 😮
    Quite hard to find topics of interest on certain blogs. 😕
    Since I am selling “Sincere” comments, I have to find topics that interests me. 🙂
    So, in the end, I decided to do single sales instead. 😉