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Deimos’s Entre Lotto’s Winning Results – 23 March 2008

24 Mar 2008 | Shop, The Blogsphere |  1 comment

This the weekly winning results announcement of Deimos’s Entre Lotto, based on Magnum’s draw number 205/08. Kindly refer to the number(s) you bought earlier and check if you have won anything. Scream out loudly if you have a matching number.

Lotto Check it out for yourselves over here


Click the “PastDrawResults” on the left side bar

then find and click on 205/08

to see the results on their official web site.

Did not win anything?

Worry not! Buy again!

Buy one now at:

Buy more than one to win more!

Buying a Four (4) digit number only costs ONE (1) EntreCredit! Drop your EntreCard into my Inbox to earn ONE (1) EntreCredit and another ONE (1) EntreCredit when I drop mine into yours! Why wait? Drop, buy and stand a chance to win MORE now!

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  1. 23rd July 2008 
    1:54 pm         

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