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Dead Frontier Night Three – Download – First Impressions

14 May 2008 | Action, Flash |  2 comments

Killing virtual zombies in a flash game makes you happy? Want more of it? Played The Last Stand and The Last Stand 2? Made past Dead Frontier Night One and Dead Frontier Night Two already? Perhaps it is time to download and play Dead Frontier Night Three, part three of a three part series. Dead Frontier Night One, Two and Three are demo game play of Dead Frontier Online, a free to play zombie survival Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game currently in open beta testing.

Download Links
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Please contact Deimos to request for new uploads.

Dead Frontier Night Three – Title Menu Screen
The title menu screen. Once again, if playing offline, only “Play Game” works.

Dead Frontier Night Three – Introduction
Seems like you were saved by a man and a young girl. Guess you don’t have to fight alone this night. Zombie killing is more fun now with a side kick. Yeeha!

Dead Frontier Night Three – Difficulty
Choose your difficulty, or simple select what weapons you want to use.

Dead Frontier Night Three – Standard Controls
Controls have not changed since Night Two, still the same old standard controls.

Dead Frontier Night Three – You got a flight to catch
It appears that you need to board a helicopter within 10 minutes.

Dead Frontier Night Three – You are not alone
Together with you is a man armed with a shot gun and his daughter. His daughter is not armed and only runs here and there to avoid trouble when various zombie approaches.

Dead Frontier Night Three – Talkative Partner
He has a shot gun, and will not hesitate to blow any zombies to bits.

Dead Frontier Night Three – Angry Partner
Your partner does seems pretty hell bent on killing all them zombies.

Deimos’s Thoughts
In Dead Frontier Night Two, you are confined to one city square or area, in Night Three, you can travel to adjacent city squares, in which you means actively and quickly do so if you intend to find and board the helicopter within 10 minutes. Don’t let her daughter die !

Deimos Asks
Tried out Dead Frontier Night One and Night Two yet? Do you enjoy killing zombies?


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  1. 18th May 2008 
    3:42 pm         

    said the following:

    Birds eye view……. reminds me of one version of Contra……..

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  3. 27th May 2008 
    2:24 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    Did not play many Contra games so dunno which version you are referring to. 😕