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Zombie Inglor – Download – First Impressions

18 May 2008 | Adventure, Flash |  2 comments

Sonny is a flash game in which you play a role of a zombie with his humanity intact, whereas in Zombie Inglor you play a role of a human who is going to become a zombie if he do not find a cure within 50 days and 50 nights. A point and click action adventure flash game.

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Zombie Inglor – Title Menu
Nothing much here, click Start Game and start playing.

Zombie Inglor – Game Started
This is the room you start out with, time is precious so start clicking already!

Zombie Inglor – Zombie Attacks!
A zombie! You don’t have a weapon yet so just leave him be for now.

Zombie Inglor – Rest to heal up
If your life gets reduced to 0, you will lose 4 days, better to spend 1 day to heal up.

Zombie Inglor – Town
There are quite a number of characters in the town that you need to interact with in order to progress further, and ultimately find a cure for yourself.

Zombie Inglor – Hand Gun
Finally, you have been given a hand gun, use it to blast zombies into tiny pieces!

Zombie Inglor – Zombie Killing time
With a hand gun, you can now kill zombies! Here is that zombie earlier, gun it down! Yeah!

Zombie Inglor – Keys?
Some doors are locked, you need to find the right key to unlock them.

Zombie Inglor – Erik? Bro?
Yes, there are cinematic cut scenes as you progress in the game.

Zombie Inglor – Shotgun
After you put your brother Erik out of his misery, you will acquire his Shotgun. Now you can kill hordes of zombies much faster now using the Shotgun!

Deimos’s Thoughts
Okay graphics, could have been better. Might be hard for those not used to shooting things using the mouse cursor. Those who have not played any adventure games might find this game hard. Getting stuck at the beginning or somewhere in the middle is very possible, if one does not pay much attention to the details while playing Zombie Inglor the flash game.

Deimos Asks
What would you do if you found out that you are going to become a zombie?


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  1. 20th May 2008 
    11:34 pm         

    said the following:

    Yeah, I agree…. the graphics could have been better….

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  3. 27th May 2008 
    2:43 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    Overall it is still acceptable and playable though. 😛