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Crystal Runner – Download

4 Jan 2011 | Flash, Puzzle |  1 comment
Crystal Runner Crystal Runner – Flash Games Download – Overview
Crystal Runner is a puzzle flash game at a glance which also claims to contains game play mechanics of the classic Pac-Man and Bomber Man games with pretty flash game graphics. Rotate blue crystal rooms to navigate around the level to board the air ship and progress to the next level!

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Crystal Runner – Title Menu
Crystal Runner
The title menu kinda implies that this flash game has pretty graphics. Whether or not this game is fun to play is a totally different story however.

Crystal Runner – Tutorials!
Crystal Runner
The first few levels are fill up with various tutorial messages to teach the players the basics.

Crystal Runner – Action!
Crystal Runner
Upon finishing the first level you will start to rotate blue crystal rooms to navigate around the level to collect coins, keys, rescue people, etc.

Deimos’s Thoughts
Nice graphics. Simple controls and game play. Might be a bit repetitive and too easy for players who are looking for a real challenge in puzzle games.

Deimos Asks
Played classic games such as Pac-Man or Bomber Man before? No? Why not?

One Comment

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  1. 13th January 2011 
    1:46 pm         

    said the following:

    Please help me find an answer to finishing level 16, I honestly have no idea what you are supposed to do, could you email it to me?