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Christmas Eve Monday

24 Dec 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on Christmas Eve Monday

Monday, 24 December 2007

Summarized Journal:
– Morning routine, work routine
– Afternoon went to Direct Access office @ Menara SBB
– Need to submit dispute form for credit card
– Thought I had an invalid credit card transaction
– Got form, got back home, filled up form, photocopied relevant documents
– Returned to Direct Access office, submitted form
– Gave my waiting number to someone who need it more than I
– Home back, Mum came back, cooked up some mee for me
– Mum wanted me to take the pack of non-meat-vege rice box to Dad
– I left home, went to Sea Park to see if the DVD stall dude is there
– Not there, duh! -_- Well back to the office I go
– Reached office, work routine
– Fast forward to home, evening routine
– Darling called around 11pm something, bed time afterwards
– Zzzzzzzz…………….

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