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Death Dice Overdose – Download

25 Sep 2008 | Action, Flash |  11 comments

Play the role of a stickman trying to avoid huge dices falling from above while trying to consume many pills as possible to avoid death due to shock of seeing huge dices from above. Crazy frantic action turns you on? Check out this Death Dice Overdose flash game then.

Download Death Dice Overdose (File Size ~ 2.53 MB)
Download the ZIP archive: death-dice-overdose.zip

Death Dice Overdose – Pre Loader
Death Dice Overdose
Certainly looks like a colorful game, yes, no?

Death Dice Overdose – Title Menu
Death Dice Overdose
Simple graphics and menu, click start game to start playing already!

Death Dice Overdose – Instructions
Death Dice Overdose
Read the instructions first before you play the game, simple instructions, really.

Death Dice Overdose – Instructions
Death Dice Overdose
Don’t touch the dices, and don’t let them touch you, easy, yes?

Death Dice Overdose – Instructions
Death Dice Overdose
Also, you need to keep consuming these pills to keep you alive.

Death Dice Overdose – Instructions
Death Dice Overdose
Take too much, and you will overdose. Relax, it will not kill you though.

Death Dice Overdose – Action!
Death Dice Overdose
Even more colorful now eh? This is what happens if you overdose. Shown above, the stickman that Deimos is controlling is crushed by the dice, game over!

Death Dice Overdose – Game Over!
Death Dice Overdose
So Deimos managed to score 2880, how many points can you score eh?

Deimos’s Daily Reads
Again, no reads for this day as well. Let Deimos know if you want to be plugged in here.

Deimos’s Thoughts
Fun little game, Deimos never expected so much fun to avoid big dices from above.

Deimos Asks
Have you seen a loaded dice before? Do you know how it works? Would you cheat?


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  1. 26th September 2008 
    8:47 pm         

    Game Lighting
    said the following:

    Oh, I can always find nice game here. Thanks!

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  3. 27th September 2008 
    7:50 am         

    said the following:

    Nice graphics, I ‘ll try it.
    By the way, I’m tagging you please read the rest here

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  5. 27th September 2008 
    10:01 pm         

    Nicole Price
    said the following:

    No, I will never cheat. What is the point? One plays these games to sharpen one’s reflexes and to have a bit of time when time in heavy on one’s hand. In real life, cheating is a mug’s game. You may win a few times, but soon you will find no one to play with.

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  7. 28th September 2008 
    1:41 am         

    said the following:

    trying it, thanks bro.

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  9. 28th September 2008 
    5:37 pm         

    said the following:

    loaded dice ..
    like with magnet or something ??

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  11. 22nd June 2009 
    12:16 pm         

    Use Boxmen – Download | ahkong.net
    said the following:

    […] Asks Played Death Dice Overdose before? Does this game reminds you of that […]

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  13. 14th July 2009 
    4:16 am         

    Future iPods
    said the following:

    I’m thinking she was depressed. All I remember is that she tried to attack me and someone pulled her off me. Also, we went out to one of those grade school music performances and she had to stay home because she didn’t feel well.

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  15. 14th July 2009 
    4:17 am         

    Future iPods
    said the following:

    She died of an overdose of her psychiatric prescription medication. My grandfather called in the morning and said she wasn’t breathing. Does anyone know if any depression medications of that time period could result in death?

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  17. 14th July 2009 
    4:18 am         

    Future iPods
    said the following:

    Not an overdose just a high dose. But if they were hyped on opaites while they left the world it would be a much better way of dying, you’d not be killing them just letting them enjoy it.

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  19. 10th December 2009 
    10:12 pm         

    Pes Patch
    said the following:

    Great game it has nice graphics

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  21. 9th October 2013 
    4:56 pm         

    said the following:

    Download link appears to be broken