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Alliance – Hunter Engineer – Level 9

3 Nov 2007 | Hellgate : London |  Comments Off on Alliance – Hunter Engineer – Level 9

Been playing Hellgate : London on IAHGames’s Alliance server since I got my copy on Thursday, 1 November 2007. So far the ping with the game server is okay, and the internet connection lag is almost non-existent, and hence acceptable for an adequate online gaming experience. Not acceptable part is that IAHGames have yet to email me my pre-order dye codes, and the server is running a non-retail beta patch, as all the players currently playing on IAHGAmes’s Hellgate : London Alliance Server has the beta caps and limitations of them. i.e. can only level up until Level 22 and in game procession until Act 3.

I myself reached Level 9, playing as a Hunter Engineer. Overall, the gaming experience has been okay for me. I tried out “multi-player” by partying with a couple of players, the result? The action is fast and furious! Many demons! Many explosions! Many fireworks! I think it is too much for my gaming rig to handle, or perhaps things could be better when the famous “Patch 0” is finally implemented in IAHGames’s server.

Even though I told myself that I would split time between Enemy Territory : Quake Wars and Hellgate : London, I ended up playing Hellgate : London again. =p I think it is due to “Patch 0” not being implemented yet, the upgrading cost using the Nano Forge is much cheaper, and the 5 upgrades limit is not implemented yet? But with level 22 as the level cap, I doubt that I can make any “uber” weapons or armor by using the Nano Forge. At least I can give it my best shot though. ^_^

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