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Orange Roulette – Download

14 Jun 2012 | Flash, Skill |  Comments Off on Orange Roulette – Download
Orange Roulette Orange Roulette – Flash Games Download – Overview
Orange Roulette is a simple skill flash game of roulette in which you get to test your luck against the pistol chamber and see if the next shot will be lethal or not. In which it is lethal you can choose to unload its lethal contents onto your opponent instead! Orange juices will splatter!

Download Orange Roulette (File Size ~ 6.68 MB)
Download the ZIP archive orange-roulette.zip from :
[ Hotfile.com | BADONGO | NowDownload | GameFront ]

Please contact Deimos if one of the links is broken or there is an updated version.

Orange Roulette – Title Menu! 
Orange Roulette
A rather crude and simple looking title menu. Click anywhere to start the game!

Orange Roulette – Story? 
Orange Roulette
This simple little game have some kind of story to it. Read on to find out more!

Orange Roulette – Action? 
Orange Roulette
What would it be? Spin it? Pull trigger on your own head? Shoot the other guy?

Orange Roulette – Boom?
Orange Roulette
Whoops! You just blew all your orange juices out. Better luck next time!

Orange Roulette – Story! 
Orange Roulette
If you are successful you get to read more of the ongoing story which takes place in a cell.

Orange Roulette – Shoot? 
Orange Roulette
If you feel the next shot may contain the bullet then try shooting the other guy yo!

Orange Roulette – Shoot! 
Orange Roulette
Success! Now blow out more orange juices of fellow orange inmates to escape this cell!

Orange Roulette – Success?
Orange Roulette
Successful escape means being placed in a tray to be sold off as oranges? Not good ending.

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