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Zombie Mayhem – Download

21 Apr 2009 | Defense, Flash |  8 comments
Zombie Mayhem Zombie Mayhem – Flash Game Downloads – Overview
Armed with a bow and arrow, you play the role of some guy who must shoot down what appears to be endless waves of zombies. One shot, one kill. Also, something weird and funny to spice up the game is that your friends are somehow tied up behind the zombies. Try not to shoot them!

Download Zombie Mayhem (File Size ~ 3.85 MB)
Download the ZIP archive: zombie-mayhem.zip

Zombie Mayhem – Title
Zombie Mayhem
This is just the title, not the menu. Not yet anyway. Press the space bar to continue. Bloody.

Zombie Mayhem – Title Menu
Zombie Mayhem
It seems like that ad box will run if you have an active internet connection. Dark menu.

Zombie Mayhem – Action!
Zombie Mayhem
Up, down to move and space bar to shoot an arrow. Shoot zombies, not your friends.

Zombie Mayhem – Friendly Fire!
Zombie Mayhem
Stricken by guilt for killing a friend, you stand paralyzed waiting to become zombie food.

Zombie Mayhem – Game Over!
Zombie Mayhem
You only have one (1) life. Once the zombies take a bite out of you, you gotta try again yo!

Deimos’s Daily Reads
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Deimos’s Thoughts
Simple yet suitable graphics, extremely simple game play, design yet somehow miraculously it manages to deliver fun game play. Good friendly fire humor well implemented perhaps?

Deimos Asks
To kill zombies, would you use bow n’ arrows, or firearms e.g. shotguns, assault rifles etc. ?


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  1. 21st April 2009 
    11:06 pm         

    Nicole Price
    said the following:

    Nothing works on zombies. Although it is said that if you shoot their brains and smash their heads they will die, I don’t believe that it will work. For the simple reason that I don’t believe in zombies at all anyway!

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  3. 22nd April 2009 
    8:22 am         

    Tnomeralc Toys
    said the following:

    A pretty nice flash game you have posted. About if the bow and arrow usage when killing a zombie, well, if you have no more choice then maybe you can use it, but always choose a much higher weapon.

    Cheers! ğŸ˜Ž

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  5. 22nd April 2009 
    8:10 pm         

    said the following:

    The game looks really simple but the graphic slook hilarious haha

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  7. 23rd April 2009 
    5:35 pm         

    marc lohan
    said the following:

    Graphics is looking so hilarious.

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  9. 25th April 2009 
    1:05 am         

    said the following:

    this one isnt that successfull, considering action and colors

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  11. 29th April 2009 
    5:27 pm         

    Music Careers
    said the following:

    The game really looks plain, but when I saw the graphic, I can say that it is pretty cool!

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  13. 1st May 2009 
    11:53 pm         

    Chicago Lawyer
    said the following:

    Its simple enough to have some fun with.. Its funny they would tie your friends up behind the Zombies..

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  15. 10th August 2009 
    9:45 am         

    used tires
    said the following:

    I am a big fan of Defense games, this was a pretty fun game, with cool back ground music, I accidentally shot one of the people that I was trying to save, kinda of a hard game! I didn’t last very many waves 🙁

    Till then,