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Smoking Zombies – Download

10 Jun 2013 | Defense, Flash |  Comments Off on Smoking Zombies – Download
Smoking Zombies Smoking Zombies – Flash Games Download – Overview
This Smoking Zombies defense flash game is the latest in the Pothead Zombies series with the original being Pothead Zombies followed by sequel Pothead Zombies 2. The third game had a change of name though the names can be still considered somewhat related to each other. Kill them all!

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Download the .zip file from:
[ NowDownload | FileTrip | Game Front ]

Please contact Deimos if one of the links is broken or there is an updated version.

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Smoking Zombies – Title Menu!
Smoking Zombies
Hey that guy in the television looks familiar! Oh! He can be found in the previous game!

Smoking Zombies – Save?
Smoking Zombies
Choose a save file! Also choose a character to play as well? Choose male or female?

Smoking Zombies – Story!
Smoking Zombies
The cat couples are being chased by zombies but do not know they are zombies?

Smoking Zombies – Action!
Smoking Zombies
They may be thick but they sure know how to fire them guns properly! Kill those zombies!

Smoking Zombies – Upgrades! 
Smoking Zombies
The zombies come in waves and you can upgrade or buy new weapons in between waves!

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