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Where’s Derpy? 2 – Download

7 Jul 2013 | Flash, Puzzle |  Comments Off on Where’s Derpy? 2 – Download
Where’s Derpy? 2 Where’s Derpy? 2 – Flash Games Download – Overview
If you enjoyed searching for Derpy in the original Where’s Derpy puzzle flash game which is inspired by the animated series My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic then perhaps you will come to enjoy this sequel – Where’s Derpy? 2 now featuring more levels thus more art work of My Little Ponies!

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Download the .zip file from:
[ RapidShare | DepositFiles | Game Front ]

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Where’s Derpy? 2 – Title Menu!
Where’s Derpy? 2
Derpy seems happy! Perhaps she found a lot of cookies to eat and enjoy herself with?

Where’s Derpy? 2 – Levels! 
Where’s Derpy? 2
In the sequel there are now a total of twenty four levels! More than the original! Nice!

Where’s Derpy? 2 – Action!
Where’s Derpy? 2
What happened in there? Them ponies does not look very happy at all!

Where’s Derpy? 2 – Ponies! 
Where’s Derpy? 2
So many ponies! What are they doing? Are they staring at some kind of stage or something?

Where’s Derpy? 2 – Eyes!
Where’s Derpy? 2
Such huge eyes! This pony looks very surprised! Saw something that cannot be unseen?

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