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Thunderstorm Thursday

29 Nov 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on Thunderstorm Thursday

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Summarized Journal:
– Woke up around 6am
– Normal morning routine
– Mum prepared instant mee for our breakfast
– Drove Darling to work and off to office I go
– Had a chat with Victor my ex-room mate this morning
– We discussed much about web hosting, domain and stuff
– He commented that my blog was too rojak
– I concur, though I intend to focus on pc gaming
– Finished hour chatter 30 minutes or so later
– I finished up my latest Guild Wars PvP build
– Browsed around and came across an interesting article
– Apparently a cute and pretty looking girl was kidnapped
– Happened yesterday in Glemarie, Shah Alam
– Goes by the name Dora Go Wei Wei, 25 y/o
– Hours later it was reported that she was released
– Random was paid and her captors let her off
– Lucky girl, most kidnap cases the victims are fragged
– Lunch with Ah Fai and Howli in Jalan Ipoh Yong Tau Foo
– Met a familiar looking mofo
– Turns out he is Chris Tan
– He studied Architecture while I did Quantity Surveying
– We exchanged cell phone numbers
– Finished lunch, back to office
– Work work work
– Thunderstorm started around 4pm something, almost 5pm
– Went home around 5:45pm
– Bloody traffic heavily congested
– Managed to pick up Darling in time
– Home, bath, dinner, 7.25pm go out again
– Darling had a manicure appointment at One Utama
– Highway leading to Pencala Link appeared massively congested
– Still movable though
– Reached our destination in time
– Darling proceed to get her nails treatment
– I went to Star Bucks for a cup of hot Vanilla Latte
– And free Wi-Fi, of course
– Blog blog blog
– Saw a girl with ubar short mini skirt
– Only enough to cover her rear end
– Too bad no phone cam to screenie
– 9:30pm I went back to pick up Darling
– Not ready yet, so I sat in there
– Took lots of screenie of the manicure girl with Darling’s Z610i
– Turns out she is only 16 years old
– Young, and slightly titalicious
– Was past 10pm when Darling is finally done
– Services plus products add up to more than three hundred (300) Ringgit!
– Saw a cool new shop locator thingie
– Screenie-ed it
– Videoie-ed it
– Reached home almost 11pm
– Brush teeth
– Finalized and published the Dora Goh article
– Zzzz

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