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Thief Gold – Download

21 Jul 2012 | Action, PC, Simulation |  Comments Off on Thief Gold – Download
Thief Gold Thief Gold – Overview
Title: Thief Gold
Genre: Action, Simulation
Developer: Looking Glass Studios
Publisher: SQUARE ENIX, Eidos Interactive
Release Date: 30 Nov 1998
Metascore: 92/100

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Thief Gold – Action?
Thief Gold
For some reasons FRAPS does not work in the main menu. No main menu pics. Bah.

Thief Gold – Guard?
Thief Gold
Use the Blackjack for non lethal take downs. A thief is not necessarily an assassin yo!

Thief Gold – Well?
Thief Gold
Garrett must enter the heavily guardian mansion through this tiny well. Will he get stuck?

Thief Gold – Water?
Thief Gold
Well Garrett is not fat at all so getting through that tiny well is not a problem for him.

Thief Gold – Arrow?
Thief Gold
Put out torches with water arrows! Darkness makes Garrett harder to be detected by guards!

Thief Gold – Blood?
Thief Gold
Killing guards is noisy and will result in lots of blood splattered all over the floor. Messy!

Thief Gold – Arrow?
Thief Gold
If you feel like killing guards silently from afar use the broad head arrow for a silent kill!

Thief Gold – Arrow!
Thief Gold
However, one arrow, one kill only works if Garrett remains undetected by them guards.

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