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The Ice Temple – Download

10 Apr 2012 | Flash, Puzzle |  0 comments
The Ice Temple The Ice Temple – Flash Games Download – Overview
Reprise the roles of both Fireboy & Watergirl in this Fireboy & Watergirl 3 in The Ice Temple puzzle flash game which is currently the latest in the Fireboy & Watergirl series with the original being Fireboy & Watergirl in The Forest Temple followed by sequel Fireboy & Watergirl in The Light Temple.

Download The Ice Temple (File Size ~ 3.68 MB)
Download the ZIP archive:
the-ice-temple.zip (4shared)
the-ice-temple.zip (GameFront)

Please contact Deimos if:
– one of the above download links is broken.
– there is an updated version of this game.

The Ice Temple – Title Menu!
The Ice Temple
The Fireboy and Watergirl series is all about guiding both of them to the right doors.

The Ice Temple – Levels!
The Ice Temple
There a total of thirty one levels in this game. Standard amount for a puzzle game?

The Ice Temple – Instructions!
The Ice Temple
Use WASD to move Watergirl and the arrow keys to move Fireboy. The “s” and down arrow key which is normally for “down” movement is not used though.

The Ice Temple – Light?
The Ice Temple
Just like in the previous games you must manipulate various stuff to overcome obstacles.

The Ice Temple – Ice?
The Ice Temple
Fireboy will not melt the snow or ice if he runs on top of it. Perhaps he is not hot enough?

The Ice Temple – Score?
The Ice Temple
Get better rank based on how fast and how many gems you collected in that level.

The Ice Temple – Water?
The Ice Temple
Fire and water do not mix so avoid having Fireboy plunge into any pool of water.

The Ice Temple – Lava?
The Ice Temple
Watergirl certainly cannot withstand hot molten lava so try not to make her swim in it yo!

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