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Shift 3 – Achievements

8 Jul 2008 | Flash, Walkthrough |  10 comments

Had fun with Shift 3, but dunno how to acquire all the Shift 3 Achievements? Find out how in this article about Shift 3 Achievements and how to get them.

Shift 3 – Achievements – Shell Shocked
Shift 3
Progress until the room with the fake door. When the door blows up revealing the programming codes underneath, you will get the shell shocked achievement after a while.

Shift 3 – Achievements – Appreciator
Shift 3
Click the credits button at the title menu.

Shift 3 – Achievements – Supporter
Shift 3
Click the more games button at the title menu.

Shift 3 – Achievements – Level Builder
Shift 3
Click the build level button at the title menu and build a level, even simple level such as the one above will suffice. Once you preview the level, you will acquire the level builder achievement.

Shift 3 – Achievements – Literati
Shift 3
Click the dev blog button at the title menu.

Shift 3 – Achievements – Roast Hog
Shift 3
In the elevation room right before the final room, there is a window with earth in view. Wait a while, and the cute hedgehog from the flash game Hedgehog Launch will show up. Wait a bit longer, and it starts to burn up while entering the earth’s atmosphere. Once the poor little bugger burn into crisp, you will acquire the roast hog achievement

Shift 3 – Achievements – Blackhole Son
Shift 3
Shift in the final room to fly off into outer space, and ultimately into a black hole.

Shift 3 – Achievements – Escape
Shift 3
Enter the correct codes while in the final room and escape.

Heart: 33
Plus: 71
Star: 24
Smiley: 18

Shift 3 – Achievements – Speedy 8 Mins
Complete Shift 3 in 8 minutes or less, which is under 480 seconds.

Shift 3 – Achievements – Paperboy
Find and collect all of the newspaper located in some specific rooms.

– in the room that mentions “Two Exits!?”
– enter the black door
– shift all of the stairs to the right
– stand on the second one from the bottom and then jump left
– reach a secret door that leads to the newspaper

– in the room with the “Old-School Pixely Platforming.”
– jump onto the ledges heading to the right at the top that don’t seem to go anywhere
– reach a secret door that leads to the “enter for certain death” room
– get key, get back to the first room of the second reactor switch
– enter the death door, get the newspaper

– in the room that talks about the “Deja vu'”
– jump onto the right edge of the pit with the door in it
– move towards the pit and jump out just before you fall in
– a new area will appear
– shift, get key, enter door
– get newspaper

– in the “Two-door” room
– enter the reactor room (the big blank one)
– change gravity, get key
– change gravity again, back-track to the “two-door” room
– blockage is missing
– get newspaper

Shift 3 – Achievements – PDA Avoider
Finish Shift 3 without picking up the PDA at all.

Shift 3 – Achievements – Grey Games PP
Complete the Grey Games player pack levels.

Shift 3 – Achievements – Azurieq PP
Complete the Azurieq player pack levels.

Shift 3 – Achievements – Assorted PP
Beat the assorted player pack levels.

Shift 3 – Achievements – All PP’s Beat
Complete all the player packs levels.

Shift 3 – Achievements – Quitter
Shift 3
Quit Shift 3 anytime once you started a new game.

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  1. 8th July 2008 
    8:23 am         

    said the following:

    Now like RPG somemore……. nice…….

  2. 8th July 2008 
    8:25 am         

    said the following:

    I’m still trying to achieve the installation part ❓

  3. 8th July 2008 
    9:38 am         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    Ya, more RPG-ish now, minus the experience points, skills and stuff. 😛

    You have yet to complete this Shift 3 flash game is it? 💡

  4. 8th July 2008 
    1:27 pm         

    Hye Munar
    said the following:

    Hello… I heard placing the adsense ads inside post will increase the click through. Do you think so?

  5. 8th July 2008 
    6:33 pm         

    Nicole Price
    said the following:

    No thanks, not for me. This is too complicated for my brains!!

  6. 8th July 2008 
    10:42 pm         

    said the following:

    i still can’t do the “certain death” room.
    n i didn’t know how to get “star” n “smiley” ‘s numbers.

  7. 9th July 2008 
    11:29 am         

    said the following:

    @Deimos nup ❗

    @Hye yes it will ^_^ especially on the side of your blog post

  8. 17th July 2008 
    9:59 am         

    said the following:

    hey! i just found out how to get speedy eight achivement. after you win and get secret character, go to adventure mode and click continue. you’ll start in the code room and have all the codes and stuff, just put them in and you’ll win in aproximately 30-50 seconds (waay lest then eight min) and get the acheivment

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    2:33 am         

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