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Sharp Trigger 2 – Download

21 Jun 2011 | Flash, Shooting |  1 comment
Sharp Trigger 2 Sharp Trigger 2 – Flash Games Download – Overview
If you enjoyed the original Sharp Trigger on the rails first person shooting flash game then you will probably want to play this sequel – Sharp Trigger 2 and continue to find out what happened after the events of Sharp Trigger. It is time to hide behind cover, take time and shoot to kill once more!

Download Sharp Trigger 2 (File Size ~ 5.26 MB)
Download the ZIP archive:
sharp-trigger-2.zip (FileSonic)
sharp-trigger-2.zip (MegaUpload)
sharp-trigger-2.zip (MediaFire)
sharp-trigger-2.zip (GameFront)

Please contact Deimos if:
– one of the above download links is broken.
– there is an updated version of this game.

Sharp Trigger 2 – Title Menu
Sharp Trigger 2
There is an actual face showing up in the title menu instead of dark shadows outline.

Sharp Trigger 2 – Controls!
Sharp Trigger 2
Controls remain the same though it seems that you are able to switch weapons now. Nice!

Sharp Trigger 2 – Action!
Sharp Trigger 2
It must be a real painful death to get shot in the groin by an assault rifle, multiple times too!

Deimos’s Thoughts
Nice graphics style. Simple controls and nice on the rails first person shooting game play with simple cover mechanics. Players who enjoyed the original Sharp Trigger will want to play this. Players who fancy first person shooting video games such as Call of Duty might want to check out the Sharp Trigger series too.

One Comment

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  1. 17th October 2011 
    10:51 pm         

    said the following:

    can you download flash game for rubble trouble tokyo