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Rambo Robot Mayhem – Download

10 May 2013 | Flash, Shooting |  Comments Off on Rambo Robot Mayhem – Download
Rambo Robot Mayhem Rambo Robot Mayhem – Flash Games Download – Overview
Shoot up some enemy soldiers and even some kind of big robot that fills up the entire screen in this Rambo Robot Mayhem first person shooting flash game that have a cover system similar to the arcade shooting game series Time Crisis. You are armed with an assault rifle in this game though.

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Rambo Robot Mayhem – Title Menu!
Rambo Robot Mayhem
Is the name Rambo a registered trademark? Would there be a problem using it?

Rambo Robot Mayhem – Instructions!
Rambo Robot Mayhem
Click once to start shooting! Click it again to stop shooting! Space bar to cover and reload!

Rambo Robot Mayhem – Action!
Rambo Robot Mayhem
Just some random blood splattering. No death animations. Are they cardboard soldiers?

Rambo Robot Mayhem – Next!
Rambo Robot Mayhem
The next level looks the same! Building! Are there other types of levels besides building?

Rambo Robot Mayhem – Robot! 
Rambo Robot Mayhem
The robot is so huge but it goes down fast after eating a number of bullets. Why so weak?

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