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Pondering changes to the drop algorithm – Guest Blogging on EntreCard Blog

16 Mar 2008 | The Blogsphere |  5 comments

Today, I guest blogged on the EntreCard Blog, check it out here:

Just what the poke is EntreCard?
Check the following link for a simple Question and Answer session about EntreCard:

Basically, EntreCard is a system that is really effective at driving traffic to one’s site.

Deimos’s Daily Reads
No reads today. Wanna suggest a read to be featured here? Tell me about it.

Deimos’s Thoughts
The current EntreCard drop system is good enough for me, but I reckon it could be better.

Deimos Asks
So, what do you think about my suggestion for the EntreCard drop system?


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  1. 17th March 2008 
    11:38 pm         

    C K
    said the following:

    I have to agree that reciprocating does bring a constant increase in the number of EC credits. The fact that number of drops (both ways) being cut at 300 (both ways) does not give incentive for exploring new sites.

    However, by opening the floodgates to credits earned by ‘new prospects’, it would cause severe inflation in the credits’ inherent value. Essentially, the credits would just decrease in value.

    If, EntreCard continues to tweak with the value of ads, it would certainly make EntreCard less attractive to Project Wonderful, which loads of EntreCarders have on their sites, many of which are ‘above the fold’.

    Once the credits exchange is up and running and people finally put a formal value to the credits, it’ll be interesting to see how that will affect the trend of the ‘daily 300’.

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  3. 18th March 2008 
    12:28 pm         

    said the following:

    I say, take out the 300 limit and give back unlimited dropping 😆 that is my personal opinion.

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  5. 18th March 2008 
    2:43 pm         

    Shanker Bakshi
    said the following:

    ohhh i was not aware we can make guest post at Entrecard, you are doing great with Entrecard deimos. I will check up the article and make comment over there for sure.

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