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Pixel Knight 2 – Download

8 Apr 2010 | Action, Flash |  6 comments
Pixel Knight 2 Pixel Knight 2 – Flash Games Download – Overview
If you enjoyed impaling various monsters and exploding them into tiny bits with throwing daggers as some knight in the original Pixel Knight action flash game you would probably be looking forward to the sequel – Pixel Knight 2. Full packed with more weapons, more levels, more monsters to kill yo!

Download Pixel Knight 2 (File Size ~ 6.35 MB)
Download the ZIP archive:
pixel-knight-2.zip (MediaFire)
pixel-knight-2.zip (FileFront)

Pixel Knight 2 – Title Menu
Pixel Knight 2
The title menu looks very similar to the original Pixel Knight. A bit more monsters though.

Pixel Knight 2 – Instructions!
Pixel Knight 2
No more instructions page this time and somehow the controls are a bit better this time.

Pixel Knight 2 – Axe!
Pixel Knight 2
The way the axe is thrown reminds Deimos of the game Castlevania. A good classic action game about vampires and undead hunting, slaying, etc.

Deimos’s Thoughts
Simple and pixelated graphics. Seems to be better than the original Pixel Knight. Fluid and smooth animations. Instead of a timer you have to complete the levels in a sequential manner now. Besides that, you also get to use a variety of weapons provided that you pick them up.

Deimos Asks
Played the original Pixel Knight before? Enjoyed it? Yes? No? Why?


  1. 10th April 2010 
    2:29 pm         

    Hero bro
    said the following:

    Its the best flash game ever

  2. 11th April 2010 
    12:02 am         

    said the following:

    turn the download to eazy one

  3. 11th April 2010 
    11:51 am         

    said the following:

    Its alright its not that flashy 🙂

  4. 11th April 2010 
    2:37 pm         

    said the following:

    It’s fun. The original was fun too. I’ll let you in on a secret I noticed: In the title menu, the top row of monsters are the monsters from the first one. The bottom row of monsters is the second. xD

  5. 16th April 2010 
    8:00 am         

    said the following:

    Greetings! Thanks for posting my game 🙂
    I’m glad you like it.

    Maybe the Pixelknight slays again some day… hehe

  6. 25th July 2010 
    1:34 am         

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    said the following:

    This looks similar to the mario bros games. I’m giving this a try so I can compare the two.