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Perfect Balance – Download

31 Dec 2009 | Flash, Puzzle |  5 comments
Perfect Balance Perfect Balance – Flash Games Download – Overview
In this Perfect Balance puzzle flash game, you are given a set of blocks of various sizes, shapes, colors each level and you must stack them together on the play field, without any falling off the screen in order to beat that level and proceed forward to the next level. Eager to play with colored blocks yet?

Download Perfect Balance (File Size ~ 4.69 MB)
Download the ZIP archive: perfect-balance.zip

Perfect Balance – Title Menu
Perfect Balance
Confusing title menu. Click on harmony at the bottom to start the game and start balancing!

Perfect Balance – Action!
Perfect Balance
The first level is always straight forward and easy. No way you could fail this level. Next!

Perfect Balance – Fail!
Perfect Balance
The second level got Deimos. Perhaps he is just not that good with colored blocks.

Deimos’s Daily Reads
No reads for today.

Deimos’s Thoughts
Simple, nice, suitable graphics. Simple controls. Game play can be hard for those who are not good in physics and balancing blocks of various shapes and sizes.

Deimos Asks
As a kid, have you tried to balance blocks before? Played Jenga before?