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Orchestrated Death – Walkthrough

4 Oct 2008 | Flash, Puzzle |  20 comments

This is an Orchestrated Death walkthrough, for those eager to play the role of Death, the Grim Reaper, but are quite clueless about the exact procedures involved.

Orchestrated Death – Walkthrough – Chapter List
Orchestrated Death – Walkthrough – Chapter 1
Orchestrated Death – Walkthrough – Chapter 2
Orchestrated Death – Walkthrough – Chapter 3

Orchestrated Death – Walkthrough – Chapter 1 (Chapter List)
Orchestrated Death Walkthrough
1. Load the magazine into the pistol.
2. Use the pistol to blow a hole in the ceiling, causing water to leak in.
3. Turn off the lamp.
4. Quickly shove the razor off the table, onto the floor.
5. Slice the wire with the razor.
He will proceed to get himself electrocuted and then knocked out.
6. Perform a head shot on the guy with the pistol.

Orchestrated Death – Walkthrough – Chapter 2 (Chapter List)
Orchestrated Death Walkthrough
1. Open the fridge.
2. Quickly relocate the fruit basket on to the counter.
3. Make a fruit fly into the blender.
4. The chef will take out the fruit, blend his hand.
5. Get the pans on the wall into position.
6. Smack the chef out cold with the pans.
7. Drag the chef toward the knives.
8. Get a knife ready.
9. Lift the chef into the air.
10. Open up the stove.
11. Stab the chef with the knife and stash him inside the stove.

Orchestrated Death – Walkthrough – Chapter 3 (Chapter List)
Orchestrated Death Walkthrough
1. Pull the fishing line to distract the guy.
2. Quickly grab the keys while he is distracted.
3. Open up the tool box.
4. Obtain a knife from the the tool box.
5. Use the knife to stab the guy who is fishing.

Orchestrated Death – Walkthrough – Chapter 3 (Chapter List)
Orchestrated Death Walkthrough
6. Drop the anchor.
7. Assist the bearded guy to punch the bald guy into the water.
8. Start the engine and make mince meat out of the bald guy.

Orchestrated Death – Walkthrough – Chapter 3 (Chapter List)
Orchestrated Death Walkthrough
9. Arouse the snake to have it ready to strike.
10. Make the snake bite the bearded guy’s face.

Orchestrated Death – Walkthrough – Game Over!
Orchestrated Death Walkthrough
That’s it! Only three (3) chapters for now. Happy Halloween yo!

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Deimos Asks
Do you think there is really such a thing as the Grim Reaper?


  1. 4th October 2008 
    6:36 pm         

    Nicole Price
    said the following:

    Come on Deimos! A real Grim Reaper? Surely that bogeyman was buried centuries ago! :mrgreen:

  2. 4th October 2008 
    11:59 pm         

    Virginia Lawyer. Andrew.
    said the following:

    Hey Deimos. Thanks for the link love to my trademark video!

  3. 5th October 2008 
    7:33 pm         

    said the following:

    i believe there is.
    anything is possible if you believe it.

  4. 6th October 2008 
    8:34 am         

    said the following:

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    Later and keep up the awesome webpage! 😆 😆

  5. 7th October 2008 
    1:45 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    @Nicole Price:
    He can’t die if he is not human! 😆

    You are welcome. 🙂

    Well, I haven’t met up with one yet so I don’t really know. 😛

    Yes, I do visit them to check out for good games to showcase here. :mrgreen:
    Thanks for the suggestion, I tried out that game already. 😛
    Just have yet to showcase it on my blog, just blogged about it today. :mrgreen:

  6. 11th October 2008 
    9:47 pm         

    Hye Munar
    said the following:

    Nice game… and very good graphics.

  7. 8th November 2008 
    6:43 am         

    said the following:

    😡 😯 ❓ 😳

  8. 21st November 2008 
    11:17 pm         

    said the following:

    yea god game 😈 ğŸ˜Ž

  9. 22nd November 2008 
    7:04 am         

    said the following:

    The graphics isn’t very impressing, but I must say it looks funny and cool game. I haven’t played it though.

  10. 2nd January 2009 
    11:53 am         

    said the following:

    I really enjoyed teh game. It was good, kind of short but much different from many others!

  11. 9th January 2009 
    9:29 am         

    Watch Bride Wars Online
    said the following:

    This is the best flash game! ğŸ˜Ž

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  13. 5th February 2009 
    8:24 pm         

    said the following:

    I like games like this

  14. 5th April 2009 
    11:55 am         

    said the following:

    boring ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ meh!!!!

  15. 29th July 2009 
    11:17 pm         

    said the following:

    i believe there is.
    anything is possible if you believe it. but taking drugs helps

  16. 24th March 2010 
    6:23 pm         

    said the following:

    I love this game! I hate twighlight and harry potter.

  17. 31st March 2010 
    8:34 pm         

    said the following:

    Really good game. They should make another part of this game.

  18. 13th April 2010 
    9:27 pm         

    said the following:

    Yeah they should make another part of this game 😀

  19. 4th September 2010 
    7:25 pm         

    honrny pig
    said the following:

    it was shit

  20. 12th September 2010 
    3:38 pm         

    said the following:

    did it in 5 mins 15 sec