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Norton Security Scan – Detect, Remove Viruses, Internet Worms – Download – Review

11 May 2008 | Useful |  25 comments

Deimos is using Norton Security Scan to detect, remove any Viruses, Internet Worms that invades Deimos’s computer and would like to recommend others to give it a try as well. This article shows some screen shots of Norton Security Scan in action.

Norton Security Scan bundled in Google Pack

Norton Security Scan is part of Google Pack, a collection of useful softwares.

Select Norton Security Scan
Google Pack
Click the check box next to “Norton Security Scan” and then click “Install Software” to start downloading. The PC that Deimos used to capture this screen shot already has Norton Security Scan installed, so it shows up at the bottom “You already have this software:” instead.

Google Updater – Current Status
Google Pack
Once selected Norton Security Scan and clicked “Install Software” you will be asked to download and install the Google Pack software, follow the on screen instructions. The above screen is Google Updater’s “Current Status” which shows any software or updates that you are currently downloading, there is nothing above as the PC Deimos used to capture this screen shot is not downloading any softwares or updates.

Google Updater – Installed Software
Google Pack
Once finished downloading and installing, it will appear in the “Installed Software” section of the Google Updater. Click “Run” to launch Norton Security Scan.

Norton Security Scan – Windows Start All Programs Menu
Once downloaded and installed, Norton Security Scan will show up in the Windows Start All Programs Menu just like any other installed softwares or games.

Norton Security Scan – Title Menu Screen
Simple title menu, select Quick Scan or Full System Scan to proceed.

Norton Security Scan – Updating Scanner
Norton Security Scan will attempt to download updates before performing a scan. Please take note that Norton Security Scan will refuse to scan if it cannot be updated.

Norton Security Scan – Downloading Protection Update
Norton Security Scan will automatically update itself before performing any scans.

Norton Security Scan – Updating
Once finished with the update, the scan will commence.

Norton Security Scan – Scan complete
Scan finished, seems like there is one (1) item that needs to be resolved.

Norton Security Scan – Scan Complete
Select Fix to remove the tracking cookie.

Norton Security Scan – Scan Complete
From the above, it shows that the tracking cookie has yet to be removed.

Norton Security Scan – Security Assessment
This is what happens if you do not remove the tracking cookie detected earlier.

Norton Security Scan – All risks have been resolved
Green light! Tracking cookie repaired?

Norton Security Scan – Security Assessment
All green lights here, that is how things should be done.

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Deimos’s Thoughts
Deimos did not bother himself with virus scanners until one day a virus infection caused him to require to perform a format and Windows XP reinstall to all the computers in his house hold. That would like three (3) desktop computers all together. Major pain in the rear end.

Deimos Asks
So what virus scanner are you using? Are you using any virus scanners at all?


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  1. 11th May 2008 
    4:45 pm         

    said the following:

    I use 2 virus scanner….AVG Free and Symantec Endpoint Protection. 😉

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  3. 11th May 2008 
    6:34 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    Them good or not? I only use one – Norton Security Scan. Lazy to use others. 😛

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  5. 11th May 2008 
    6:47 pm         

    said the following:

    I would say both complement each other to a certain extent…. I use set AVG Free to daily scan, while Endpoint protection I use it’s realtime scan….. that way, no conflict (again to a certain extent)….there will be clashing sort of, so far I haven’t encounter any major problems using AVG Free and Symantec Endpoint Protection at the same time.

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  7. 11th May 2008 
    8:59 pm         

    said the following:

    I used Avira, once i used Norton, but it really slow down my pc. So now I’m using Avira, quite good, I say. 🙄

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  9. 12th May 2008 
    12:03 am         

    said the following:

    One thing about Norton is that, it will slow down your pc no matter which version, however Norton’s corporate version which is call Symantec Antivirus, now call Symantec Endpoint Protection, it’s very lightweight compared to their Norton Antivirus commercial counterpart…….. so, get their corporate edition instead of their retail edition… you will see the differences and effectiveness….

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  11. 12th May 2008 
    8:49 am         

    said the following:

    I used Norton before, it really slow down my PC performance, especially when it scanning my system. Besides that, i feel that Norton not really perform well compare with the other antivirus software. I believe even some free antivirus can perform better than Norton.

    But i never use Norton security Scan before, i am using ThreadFire and Windows Defender.

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  13. 12th May 2008 
    9:24 am         

    said the following:

    Does Windows Defender work effectively at all?

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  15. 12th May 2008 
    11:12 pm         

    Michael Aulia
    said the following:

    Norton was quite famous back then for its bloated software and slowed down your PC 😀

    Somehow that image hasn’t gone from my head yet haha

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  17. 13th May 2008 
    8:14 am         

    said the following:

    Well, lucky you didn’t. Because it’s STILL bloated. Unless you use their corporate editions…….

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  19. 15th May 2008 
    4:09 am         

    Steve Yu
    said the following:

    It’s been long I never use Norton. Last time made my PC slow like turtle.

    P.S. : That leng lui really attract my attention ler. 😛

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  21. 17th May 2008 
    1:26 pm         

    said the following:

    I’m using Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 5 and SuperAntispyware. Haven’t had a problem yet.And using Avast as my anti virus.

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  23. 20th May 2008 
    12:47 am         

    said the following:

    well i used norton but i made my system slow 😡 ……..so i left it…..thinking to get it back cause no one else is doing the job as well as norton did

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  25. 27th May 2008 
    2:02 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    Oh, okay. Thanks for the comprehensive feedback yo! 😎


    Avira really that good har? 💡


    Corporate version is better yar? Noted. Thanks for the info yo! 🙂


    Seems like there are many complaints about Norton slowing down the PC! 😮


    @Michael Aulia:
    Guess Norton is really well known for slowing down our PCs. 😯


    @Steve Yu:
    Later your girl friend pull your ear than you know! 😆


    I use Avast too, good anti virus software. 😛


    So Norton may be slow, but still manages to do a good job? 🙄


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  27. 30th May 2008 
    6:42 am         

    BlueCirclet Community
    said the following:

    KeePass Password Safe…

    KeePass Password Safe is a free .
    open source .
    light-weight and easy-to-use password manager for Windows.
    You can store your passwords in a highly-encrypted database ; which is locked with one master password or key file.

    Full list of featur…

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  29. 13th June 2008 
    2:47 pm         

    Shanker Bakshi
    said the following:

    I am sick of a virus which creates “System Volume Information” folder in each drive of my PC – Can somebody suggest me how to combat this evil.

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  31. 19th June 2008 
    12:52 pm         

    Uncle Che
    said the following:

    Wow, This post has been here for long. I was heady to try Norton for long but after visiting this post over and over again, I decided to give it a shot. Cool software.

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  33. 19th June 2008 
    1:01 pm         

    Deimos Tel`Arin
    said the following:

    @Shanker Bakshi:
    Try disabling System Restore for all your hard drives? 💡


    @Uncle Che:
    Hope you find it useful! 😀


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  35. 6th July 2008 
    8:06 am         

    said the following:

    First of all thank you for a such wonderfull topic, well i have to say it is difficult for me to say if i agree with you or not. I will read it for a second time and let you know what i think

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  37. 28th September 2008 
    10:29 pm         

    said the following:

    Nice topic Deimos, Norton slows my computer down. It detects the virus but it iritates me with those popups again and again.

    I prefer AVG, it’s free and reliable. Actually free anti virus like Avast or AVG is very reliable. I don’t recommend Norton to my friends as it will slow their computers.

    Norton may slow computers down

    Read here. http://www.helpmerick.com/node/607

    You can find Free anti virus reviews here.


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  39. 10th October 2008 
    3:58 pm         

    said the following:

    Ihave Norton anti virus as part of google. I can’t install a Norton update. Why?

    I do not understand PC’s very well at all. Please reply in idiot proof language!!

    Email response required please.

    Thank you for your help.

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  41. 16th November 2008 
    10:04 pm         

    said the following:

    Can someone help me. I’m having a problem with this Norton Security Scan. Every time it scan, it doesn’t scan anything, it always stays 0. It always says “Looking for Protection Update…” that’s it. It stays like that and doesn’t scan anything. Anyone can help me with this?

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  43. 18th December 2009 
    8:14 am         

    said the following:

    i use McAfee it also checks websites and dosent slow the computer

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  45. 18th December 2009 
    4:50 pm         

    turkish food
    said the following:

    I used nod32, once i used Norton,

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  47. 15th April 2010 
    4:01 am         

    Peter Smith
    said the following:


    How dare norton have the tenacity to send norton secruity scan to me with attached viruses and spyware, how dare they.

    took me the best part of 3 hours getting all the viruses out,

    im reporting norton for this violation and if necessary will be taking this to trading standards about this behaviour

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  49. 10th November 2010 
    6:49 pm         

    Pedestal Table ·
    said the following:

    i use both Avast and AVG virus scanner because they are very good ;’*