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JRPG Defense – Download

14 Feb 2012 | Defense, Flash |  Comments Off on JRPG Defense – Download
JRPG Defense JRPG Defense – Flash Games Download – Overview
This JRPG Defense is basically a tower defense flash game. Kill invading monsters by summoning various towers with basic elements such as fire, wind, earth, water or holy. Well, if that is not enough you also have some scrolls to summon up some spells to do spice up the battle some more!

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JRPG Defense – Title Menu!
JRPG Defense
Why is it called JRPG? Does it stands for Japanese Role Playing Games? Or not?

JRPG Defense – Intro!
JRPG Defense
Blah blah blah some evil comes and threaten everyone blah blah blah. Same old thing.

JRPG Defense – Map!
JRPG Defense
Start off the with first chapter which has a very easy difficulty as stated above.

JRPG Defense – Instructions!
JRPG Defense
Just another tower defense flash game. Should not be too difficult anyway. Place towers, watch monsters run by and die. Upgrade towers, place more towers.

JRPG Defense – Action!
JRPG Defense
Spam enough towers around the path and them monsters should die easily. Easy? No?

JRPG Defense – Win?
JRPG Defense
What’s with the boots of charm thingie? Plus twenty to charisma? What is it used for?

JRPG Defense – Awards!
JRPG Defense
Every game needs awards or some kind of achievements etc. Flash games included!

JRPG Defense – Action?
JRPG Defense
Well this is a tower defense game so there will be no action in the world map menu.

Unpack the .zip file and run the .html file with a web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc) to play the above mentioned flash game.

Flash Game Authorship Disclaimer
Please take note that I did not make the above mentioned flash game. The above mentioned flash game is made by other people and not me. I only downloaded the .swf file off some flash games portals and then repackaged the .swf file together with a .html file into a .zip file. In other words I only did some repackaging of the .swf files.

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