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Gym Workout Morning and Primary School Mates Gathering Sunday Afternoon

3 Feb 2008 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on Gym Workout Morning and Primary School Mates Gathering Sunday Afternoon

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Summarized Journal:
– Morning routine, doggies walking routine
– Breakfast, went to Gym together with me Big Bro and me Darling
– Bro went for a swim, me and Darling worked out on the various Gym Equipments
– I got kinda exhausted after a while and rested
– Before that, I noticed a nice looking lady with very well developed juggies! O_O
– Totally impressed, can’t help but kept on staring at her … well, assets! ^_^
– Methinks I got a bit carried away with them stares, she kinda noticed me
– Well, ladies are expected to be eye-perved if they have nice juggies!
– My Goodness! I am such a horny mofo! O_O Not good. -_-
– Finished work out, Bro bought x2 HL Milk, I bought x2 Fisher Man’s Friend
– Sped to Ipoh Road Yong Tow Foo, bought a hell lot back for lunch
– Back home, discovered that there is only one bowl of porridge left
– Mum lied! She said she would cook porridge for us
– Apparently, she thought we would lunch outside
– Never mind, I finished up that bowl of porridge anyway
– 2pm. O_O Duh! I am late! Left home for Pavilion
– Got a primary school mates gathering to attend, at 2pm
– To slice a long story short, I reached there 3pm-ish
– Why so late? I took a wrong route, missed the car park entrance twice, etc
– Parked my car at the lowest level, entered the fire door in front of me
– Service lift? Never mind, it can get me up there
– Pressed the button, door opened instantaneously, wow! Kewl!
– What the poke? Only up to level 5? The group is at level 6!
– Hit 5 for level 5 anyway, since I can walk up there
– Exited service lift, found myself in a place deprived of any humans
– Spooky, and I was feeling leaky, found an opened fire hose compartment
– Unloaded my waste waters, felt a whole lot better
– Explored a bit, finally made my way into level 6
– Seems like I stumbled into the exit corridors of the Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) there
– Finally meet up with the bunch of mofos, good old mofos!
– Fun and happy gathering for all, I had a blast with them
– Realized that they are a bunch of pro-camera men and women
– All armed with those big, black and real bulky biggie big big pro cameras!
– Seeing all that, I Pai Seh to take out my Canon Isus 850i also
– Left them at 5pm, rushed home, reached home 5:40pm, drove out to 1-Utama
– Darling has a manicure appointment at Glitters, 6:15pm
– Spent my time blogging at Star Bucks while she had her nails serviced
– Fast forward back home for dinner, evening routine, bed time, Zzzzzzz…………..

In case you are wondering, yes, I am a pervert!

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