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Feed Us 4 – Download

25 Feb 2013 | Flash, Skill |  0 comments
Feed Us 4 Feed Us 4 – Flash Games Download – Overview
The killer piranha fish returns once more in this Feed Us 4 skill collect flash game. The original game being Feed Us followed by the sequels Feed Us 2 and Feed Us 3. Escape from a plane, destroy ships, feed on humans for blood, grow huge, become a powerful piranha and eat them all up! Yummy!

Download Feed Us 4 (File Size ~ 5.50 MB)
Download the ZIP archive feed-us-4.zip from :
[ Hotfile.com | NowDownload | Dropbox ]

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Feed Us 4 – Title Menu!
Feed Us 4
Are those even piranhas? Look like mutant eels with sharp teeth and back spikes?

Feed Us 4 – Plane?
Feed Us 4
The story kinda kicks off with some lone piranha in the cargo of some plane. But why?

Feed Us 4 – Sky! 
Feed Us 4
Somehow the little piranha is able to escape and destroy the plane! Incredibly outrageous!

Feed Us 4 – Upgrades!
Feed Us 4
Just like in the previous Feed Us games there are various upgrades to be more powerful!

Feed Us 4 – Action!
Feed Us 4
Such a small piranha and yet able to wreck such havoc upon the humans. Amazing!

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