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Fatigued Monday

10 Dec 2007 | Diary, Personal |  Comments Off on Fatigued Monday

Monday, 10 December 2007

Summarized Journal
– Woke up too early again
– Morning routine
– Raining started
– Work routine
– Lunch at downstairs Restaurant Batu Complex since it was raining
– Talked to Ah Fai and Howli about my abnormal sleeping hours
– Concluded that I have insufficient sleep
– Decided to not bring my hand phone in my bedroom tonight
– Discussion meeting with various parties
– Still raining
– 7:20pm and Dad is still discussing some matters with Mr. Tam
– I took leave first so I can pick up Darling in time
– Reached home, 5th Uncle and family were here
– Picked up Darling around 7:50pm
– Finished dinner, had a chat with 5th Uncle’s wife
– Discovered that their eldest daughter is kinda rebellious now
– Worked on capturing screenies for my Portal: The Flash Version Guide project
– Darling watched new Hong Kong drama series
– Can’t quite recall the name, something like Ge Shi Zhui Xiong
– Quite interesting, kinda like got supernatural thingie involved
– She got freaked out, refused to watch further
– Bed time at 11:30pm or so
– Zzzzzzz

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