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Effing Worms 2 – Download

11 Jul 2012 | Action, Flash |  2 comments
Effing Worms 2 Effing Worms 2 – Flash Games Download – Overview
If you enjoyed playing the role of some huge worm traveling under the ground and eating up whatever it comes across in the original Effing Worms action flash game then you would probably want to do the same in this sequel – Effing Worms 2 now featuring better graphics, Nyan Cat, etc.

Download Effing Worms 2 (File Size ~ 5.14 MB)
Download the ZIP archive effing-worms-2.zip from :
[ Hotfile.com | BADONGO | NowDownload | GameFront ]

Please contact Deimos if one of the links is broken or there is an updated version.

Effing Worms 2 – Title Menu!
Effing Worms 2
The huge eat everything in its path worms strikes again! Truly a hungry worm!

Effing Worms 2 – Instructions!
Effing Worms 2
Real simple gaming concept. Just eat stuff, keep eating stuff. Grow bigger. Stay alive yo!

Effing Worms 2 – Controls!
Effing Worms 2
Use standard WASD keys or arrow keys to move around. Why mouse control not supported?

Effing Worms 2 – Action!
Effing Worms 2
Keep on eating stuff non stop to build up combos. Score higher points with higher combos?

Effing Worms 2 – Complete!
Effing Worms 2
Eat up the required amount of enemies to complete the level! Higher combos higher scores!

Effing Worms 2 – Evolution?
Effing Worms 2
Choose an evolution type before you proceed to the next level! Speed or strength?

Effing Worms 2 – Cat?
Effing Worms 2
Them flying Nyan Cats are a new addition in this sequel. Build up speed before you jump up.

Effing Worms 2 – Death?
Effing Worms 2
If the hungry levels is depleted the worm will explode into pieces. Avoid going hungry!


  1. 17th July 2012 
    10:29 am         

    said the following:

    is it better to be big or small?

  2. 21st July 2012 
    5:50 am         

    said the following:

    Как замечательно быть червяком! -;]