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Demons vs Fairyland – Download

6 Feb 2013 | Defense, Flash |  0 comments
Demons vs Fairyland Demons vs Fairyland – Flash Games Download – Overview
In this Demons vs Fairyland tower defense flash game you command the Demon armies and must erect various demonic defense in order to stop the Fairyland folks from rescuing back their children. Yes, somehow you play the role of bad guys in this game. Real evil for capturing their kids yo!

Download Demons vs Fairyland (File Size ~ 11.82 MB)
Download the ZIP archive demons-vs-fairyland.zip from :
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Demons vs Fairyland – Title Menu!
Demons vs Fairyland
From the above title menu it seems like this is a game with Minecraft like graphics?

Demons vs Fairyland – Story!
Demons vs Fairyland
The children have been kidnapped! The demons have captured the Fairyland young ones!

Demons vs Fairyland – Map! 
Demons vs Fairyland
The battle starts off in Fairyland and will move on to other places in the world.

Demons vs Fairyland – Action!
Demons vs Fairyland
Somehow you play the role of Demons and must stop the Fairyland people at all costs!

Demons vs Fairyland – Upgrades!
Demons vs Fairyland
Complete missions, earn experience points, level up, acquire various upgrades! Kill them all!

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