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Deimos vs Hellish Bus Driver

30 Nov 2007 | Malaysia, Personal |  3 comments

Deimos vs Hellish Bus Driver (ABX 1661 – Sentosa Liner)

Here comes a new challenger!
It was around 2:30pm on 30 November 2007, Friday when this incident occurred. I was driving back to Darling’s hometown and approaching the Sungkai exit (Perak) when I noticed a Bus driving up to my right hand side. (I was driving on the left lane)

Note: For illustration purposes, the grey rectangle represents my car while the red rectangle represents the bus in question.

Deimos vs Bus

Round 1: Fight!
The bus seems to be trying to overtake me, not wanting to follow a bus’s rear-end I accelerated slowly, not letting the bus overtake me. (When I think of it later, I think this action pissed off the bus driver, though I did not realize it at that time)
Deimos vs Bus

First Strike
I continued to accelerate bit by bit and finally I decided to shake lose of the bus for good and stepped on it, then it seems that the bus driver changed his mind and went behind me instead. Then I noticed that the bus behind me was flashing his head lights like mad.
Deimos vs Bus

Deimos wins!
At first I thought the bus driver was trying to tell something, like there is something wrong with the back of my car or some thingie. I gave up after failed to decipher his Morse code and sped off.
Deimos vs Bus

Round 2: Sneak Attack!
For some time, we almost have forgotten about the bus when it charged at us suddenly and sliced into my lane, as if like attempting to run us over.
Deimos vs Bus Deimos vs Bus

Then I realized that I probably have pissed off the driver with my antics earlier, and the bus driver reacted by being a rear-end-hole.Imagine what would have transpired if he messed up and send the whole bus load of passengers crashing down the road. It ain’t gonna be a pretty scene that’s for sure.

And so I let the bus driver have his fun then later I sped up beside him, took a screenie of the bus’s rear-end with my Darling’s Z610i (not very clear though), overtook the mofo and after a while we left the highway via the Sungkai exit.

This was the first time I experienced some thingie like this – a bus being a mofo-ing rear-end-hole and in the process endangering the bus passengers.

Have you encountered such mofo-ing rear-end-hole drivers before? How did you react?


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  1. 17th December 2007 
    5:23 pm         

    Applying Stephen Coveys 90/10 principle in our daily lives | ahkong.net
    said the following:

    […] On the road In Malaysia where public transportation is still kinda suxx0r, most folks end up driving their own vehicles to work. In my opinion, that there are many Malaysia drivers out there who behave like rear-end-holes when they are driving on the road. In fact I just came across such a long distance bus driver recently, read about the details in the following linkie: http://ahkong.net/deimos-vs-hellish-bus-driver/ […]

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  3. 16th December 2009 
    10:56 am         

    said the following:

    Your fault. You should have let the bus pass, regardless of whether or not you dislike being behind a bus. After the bus had passed, you can then pass him again.

    Guess you didn’t read that drivers handbook too well eh?

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  5. 7th May 2010 
    5:14 pm         

    said the following:

    Why would you let the bus pass you spanker?
    Now, Ive never driven in Malaysia, so maybe there is some etiquette I am unaware of… However, in the countries I have driven in it is customary NOT to let a bus in front if you are in the left hand lane of a country with left hand traffic. The simple reason for this is that in a minute or two the bus is going to slam on their brakes to let passengers on/off and this puts YOU and YOUR CAR in danger, as it now has to stop suddenly.
    It is also less fuel efficient to be behind a bus for the same reason.