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Civet’s Odyssey – Walkthrough

21 Mar 2010 | Flash, Walkthrough |  2 comments
Civet’s Odyssey Walkthrough Civet’s Odyssey – Walkthrough – Overview
A Civet’s Odyssey walkthrough for players who are searching for a Civet’s Odyssey walkthrough. A detailed Civet’s Odyssey guide complete with images and detailed text descriptions to aid players who have troubling completing this Civet’s Odyssey point and click adventure flash game.

Civet’s Odyssey – Walkthrough
If you choose:
FULL STORY you will start the game by going to the left part. You must finish the left part first before you can proceed to the right part to complete the game.

TWO ENDINGS you can go to the left or right at the start of the game.

Going to the left side:
Civet’s Odyssey – Walkthrough – Bridge
1. Attempt to cross the river via the top bridge.
2. Cross the river via the middle bridge.

Note: Just cross the bridge. You will get across anyway.

Civet’s Odyssey – Walkthrough – Butterfly
1. Click the mole to make it go away.
2. Click worm and then quickly click bird to make them go away.
3. Click butterfly to ride it.

Civet’s Odyssey – Walkthrough – Fishing
1. Click astonished cat with big eyes.
2. Click Civet. Click Civet again when the fish hook moves.
3. Repeat step 2 until cat drops into the lake.

Civet’s Odyssey – Walkthrough – Choir Fishes
1. Click the fishes in the order they sing.
2. Repeat step 1 three (3) times.

Civet’s Odyssey – Walkthrough – Coconut
1. Click the hat to attempt to get it.
2. Click the anchor at the boat.
3. Click the coconut tree to climb on top of it.
4. Keep on clicking Civet rapidly until civet gets the hat.

Going to the right side:
Civet’s Odyssey – Walkthrough – Colored Gate
1. Click the colored vines in the sequence as shown on the gate.

Note: Sequence on the gate is from left to right.

Civet’s Odyssey – Walkthrough – Colored Bridge
1. Click the “X” box to get 1st key.
2. Click items of the same color with the wooden pieces of the bridge.

Colored items:
– Civet’s blue body
– Civet’s red shirt
– Box’s black inside
– Box’s white cross
– etc

Civet’s Odyssey – Walkthrough – Gates
Civet’s Odyssey Walkthrough
1. Click box “X” to get 2nd key.
2. Open box “Y” with 2nd key to get 3rd key.
3. Open Gate “C” with 3rd key to get 4th key.
4. Open Gate “A” with 4th key.
5. Open box in Gate “A” with 1st key to get 5th key.
6. Open Gate “E” with 5th key.
7. Click and drag Gate “E” up to open it and get 6th key.
8. Click box in Gate “E” to get axe.
9. Open Gate “B” with 4th key.
10. Open box in Gate “B” with axe.
11. Open Gate “F” with 7th key.

Civet’s Odyssey – Walkthrough – Machine
1. Click pliers to pick it up.
2. Click machine to repair it.
3. Click the sequence of the buttons as follows:
1 2 3 ~ 1 3 2 ~ 2 1 3 ~ 2 3 1 ~ 3 2 1 ~ 3 1 2

Civet’s Odyssey – Walkthrough – Oasis
1. Click handkerchief to attempt to get it.
2. Keep on clicking cactus near Civet rapidly until a branch drops.
3. Click cactus (dropped branch) to pick it up.
4. Click handkerchief to attempt to get it.
5. Click bicycle to use rod to get handkerchief.

Civet’s Odyssey – Walkthrough – Broken Bridge
1. Go back to the machine.
2. Click shovel to get it.
3. Go back to the oasis.
4. Click green flower seeds.
5. Go back to the broken bridge.
6. Click butterfly to ride it.

Deimos’s Thoughts
A bit short and not hard. A good point and click adventure flash game for kids.

Deimos Asks
Played and completed Civet’s Odyssey already? Easy? Hard? Fun?


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  1. 31st March 2010 
    4:22 am         

    said the following:

    it was easy, bad point!! to get a hat and hankerchief, ok?

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  3. 25th July 2010 
    12:18 am         

    phone number lookup
    said the following:

    This game is too confusing. Help me out here. haha